How to record a voice message in Telegram: how to make and send audio

Telegram users are increasingly using voice messages instead of writing text messages to save time. To do this, simply hold down the microphone icon, recording an audio message. The developers of the messenger have made changes for this type of communication to make the feature as easy to use as possible. How to record a voice message in the Telegram social network is described below in the instructions.

Features of voice messaging

The new function of recording audio on the Telegram platform has made communication more pleasant and the use of the software more convenient. Now users can share emotions during the conversation.


Advantages of the innovation:

  1. Confidential information. Voice SMS can now be listened at a comfortable volume by bringing the smartphone to the ear. The person you are talking to does not need to worry that the recorded conversation will be heard by others. In the same mode you can send a reply audio message.
  2. Convenient response recording speed. After listening to the audio, there is a slight vibration of the mobile device. After that, the reply to the person you are talking to is immediately recorded.
  3. Listening to the recording while in another community. After closing the dialog window, you can go to another chat. In this case, the recording of a voice message with the interlocutor will continue. The panel with the audio recording is displayed in the background over the chat window. You can pause or deactivate the playing file if you want.

How to create and send a voice message in Telegram

Recording such messages in the phone is convenient when a person is driving a car or walking down the street. Typing long text messages in these cases is not quite appropriate.

On Android

To send a voice message in a phone based on this OS, you need to follow the instructions:

  • Open the Telegram app.


  • In the main menu, select the interlocutor from the contact list.


  • In the conversation window, tap and hold the microphone icon with your finger.


  • If the audio recording is done for the first time, the program will ask for permission to access the device microphone. The user must click “Allow”.
  • Hold down the microphone icon and dictate a message.
  • Remove your finger from the button, the message is automatically sent to the interlocutor.

During the execution of the audio message, a stopwatch will be displayed in the dialog box. After recording, the file is sent immediately without notification. To delete the recording you need to swipe to the left, then the recorded information is deleted without the possibility of recovery.

The developers have introduced an additional option to record audio messages without using your hands. During the voice recording, you can not be distracted from your work. To record automatically, you need to swipe up, holding the microphone icon. Then release the button and the recording time will continue. After you click on the airplane icon to send the dialog.

How in Telegram you can record a voice message and send an audio file

The Telegram messenger allows you to listen to a message before you send it. This option works when recording a voice message without using your hands. To pre-listen, you need to click on the square button next to the file. A sound bar will appear, which will be left to play.

On the iPhone

You can send voice messages on phones with different operating systems in a similar way. The only difference is the navigation menu. The principle remains identical for all smartphones.

To send an audio file from an iOS smartphone, you need to:

  • Open the application on the phone.
  • Tap on the message icon and open the dialog box.
  • In the window that opens, click on the microphone icon and start recording.


  • After recording the call, release the button.

Cancel the voice recording in the same way as on Android smartphones. To activate the recording without using your finger, you need to swipe up. After the recording process, tap the airplane icon to send a message.

On a computer

Conducting conversations in the social network Telegram on the PC does not have any particular differences with the OS of smartphones. To send a message, it is enough to follow the algorithm:

  • Open the program on the PC.


  • Select a dialog from the list on the left side of the screen in the window that will open.


  • Click the dialog with the left button of your mouse.
  • If the interlocutor is not in the list, click on three bars in the top corner.
  • Select “Contacts” to find the person you are speaking with.


  • Click the user name in the list to open a conversation.
  • Left-click on the microphone icon.


  • If this is the first time you are sending an audio message, the application will ask for permission to access the microphone. Here you need to give consent by clicking on the appropriate button.
  • Dictate, send audio.

How to cancel a voicemail if you have already started recording

To stop or cancel sending the recording on the computer, the user only needs to move the mouse cursor away from the microphone field. On the phone, without releasing your finger from the button, swipe to the left corner inside the dialog box. Then the message is canceled. Thus cancelled voice message is deleted forever without possibility of recovery.

How to listen to the voice message?

To listen to a voice message you received from your conversation partner, tap anywhere within an SMS. After pressing, the sound will immediately play on your device.


You can listen to your own voice message before you send it. After recording the voice, you need to click on the square icon next to the file. The recording will stop and a sound bar will appear, which you can listen to.

How do I save?

Saving voice messages is only available to users of smartphones based on the iOS operating system. Owners of iPhones need to follow the instructions:

  • Open the application.
  • Find the dialog and open the conversation.
  • Tap and hold your finger on the message.
  • In the menu that appears, select More.
  • Tap the square icon with an arrow.


  • Forward the audio file or save it to a folder on your device.

In cell phones with Android OS, it is possible to save the audio file in the “Favorites” folder. To do this, you need to follow the above steps. Then send the document to the “Favorites” folder. Unfortunately, there is no option to save the message. You can only forward the message to another chat.

Special features

The Telegram messenger has a function of blocking from accidental entries. It is activated by the user in the case when the gadget is in a pocket or bag. It consists in blocking access to the microphone for Telegram software. To use it, you need to go into the privacy settings. Then select the microphone options, find the program and disable it. Such actions are performed on iPhone smartphones.

To block from accidental entries on Android, you need to open the app and notification system. Then find the Telegram site, disable the permission. On the computer, the user only needs to turn off access to the microphone.

Telegram communication platform is clear and easy for every user. The developers of the software make every effort to make it convenient for all people without exception to use the social network. Such function as sending audio messages is especially important for busy modern people, when there is no time to write long text messages.

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