How to recover deleted contacts on Android: all ways

How to restore contacts deleted from phone or SIM card

Hello. Very often beginners who have not so long ago started using gadgets with the Android operating system, accidentally delete contact data. The problem is quite serious. Do you want to know how to recover deleted contacts on Android? Now I will tell you about the most effective methods with the use of third-party software, Google and backups.

The essence of the problem

I have repeatedly been in such situations. However, it was long ago. But even remembering those moments makes me nervous. After all, the list of people was quite an impressive size, and I did not create copies in advance. Well, if some numbers were kept in mind, but if there are more than three hundred, then it is simply impossible to remember them all.


Let’s look at all the ways of recovery. There are not many of them.


The worst situation that can happen is to lose your phone. Then the solution to our problem becomes more complicated. The only way out would be copies previously saved on a computer or the “cloud”. I try to back up important information periodically, copying it to a flash drive, Google Drive or Yandex Disc.

If the phone is not lost, you can recover from a file saved on the memory card. Usually it has the extension “csv”. It is enough in the settings of contacts to select “Import” and specify the path to this file.

Google account

How to restore contacts on Android through Google? This is an extremely correct decision when you synchronize important information through your account.

  • Open your smartphone settings;
  • Go to the “Accounts” or “Accounts” tab;
  • Select “Google” and click on the three dot symbol (top right).
  • Now click on “Sync.”
Google Sync

It is worth noting that such a “trick” will work only when synchronization was enabled and the data were constantly sent to a remote server.

You can try to perform a similar procedure through the browser. Load the mail “Gmail” and click on the list on the left, selecting “Contacts” in it:

A list will be displayed and there will be a list of actions on the left. To open more options, click on “More”. The option “Restore” now appears. It remains only to specify the period for which the action will be performed.

Using special software

There are many applications, both for specific smartphone models, and universal. Alas, they very rarely help. But it is worth trying. One of the best is Doctor Phone:


The utility is the simplest tool, which with the help of a step-by-step wizard will help to recover lost data. First, connect the phone to the PC, then turn on the “debug mode” (the screen will show how to do it).

After identifying the device, choose what to restore (photos, videos, messages, call logs, etc.). Select the necessary items and click “Next”.

Doctor Von utility

It remains only to give the program full access to the smartphone, and the scan begins. Following its results, the monitor will display a list of found contacts, which can be selected one by one or all for later recovery.

Specialist assistance

If all written above seems difficult to you, it is better not to “mess around” yourself, otherwise you can make the situation worse. How to restore contacts on the SIM card Android in this case? I advise you to turn to professionals who use special equipment (such as SIM readers).

Service robot with screwdriver


Do you use this popular messenger? Then you are very lucky. You will be able to return phone numbers that are entered in the program. Even if they are not all contacts, but still. The inconvenience of the method is that the ability to export is not provided. You will have to run the application on your PC and manually copy the information into a text file, and then add them to your phonebook.

Attention! It is worth to perform the specified operation quickly, otherwise Vyber can perform synchronization with your empty directory, and then all contacts will be lost.

I hope these ways will help you. Some of them work if you do not know how to restore contacts on Android after flashing.

Regards, Victor!

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