How to recover deleted files with PHOENIX

Deleted data recovery with PHOENIX

Information is the most valuable thing stored on your computer, phone and other modern devices. Programs can be reinstalled, but losing data is a nightmare for any PC owner. Especially when it comes to documents (contracts, annual reports), photos/videos from vacations. But even if the files are deleted (due to failure of the operating system or user inattention), you can restore them with special software. Today I will tell you about PHOENIX.

PHOENIX overview


Key features

For this kind of utility, the decisive factor of choice is the presence of a Russian-language interface with simple, step-by-step control. Not every software can boast such a feature.

I tested dozens of programs to recover deleted files, but most of them were so confusing or the scanning procedure took almost twenty-four hours. And in the end the result was negative.

PHOENIX is fast, does not consume a lot of RAM and does not burden the cpu or the disk. You can do other things on your computer in parallel, although it is undesirable to interact with the disk that is being scanned.

The official site is very detailed about the benefits of the software:

  • Data reanimation after formatting, virus impact, OS failure (Windows, Android), accidental deletion;
  • Simple procedure consisting of several steps – selecting a disk (flash drive, removable drive), specifying formats and sizes of objects, viewing the results and recovering the items you need;
  • There is no need to call a master, pay a few thousand rubles for work you can do yourself, with a minimum amount of time;
  • File names are saved;
  • A preview is available with the ability to assess the likelihood of recovery in its original form. This is relevant for documents – to get text and other content back into place;
  • Over 300,000 people have already used PHOENIX, which has helped reanimate over 5 million files;
  • The app is hugely popular among professional photographers, office workers, and students.

How to use?

You can download the 5-day trial version by following this link. Save the exe-installer on your PC and start the installation process. There is nothing complicated about it – you specify which partition of your hard drive you want to copy the application to, you accept the terms of the user agreement.

When you are done, a shortcut will appear on your desktop to start the recovery process. At the first start-up you will see an introductory instruction and an offer to purchase an activation key. But you can postpone this step to test the capabilities.

  • Select the drive you want to check for deleted data:
Disk selection window in Phoenix
  • Use filters to detail the task and speed up the search. The duration of the procedure also depends on the total size of the partition:
Deleted documents search filter
  • Starts the search operation and at the end it generates a list of found documents/pictures and other content:
Search for deleted files
  • When the list is displayed on the screen using the view – analyze objects, tick the ones you want to bring back to life:
Viewing and restoring files in Phoenix

Note that you can change the type of display, sort files, deselect all or mark all.

If you want to try the PHOENIX app, you can download it for free:

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