How to remove ads from Xiaomi smartphone: step by step instructions

Xiaomi smartphones are extremely popular on the market of mobile products. All devices from this company are distinguished by an extremely good stuffing in their price segment. The disadvantage of the devices is their MIUI shell, namely, the advertising built into it. Many users after buying a phone “Xiomi” face a problem and wonder how you can remove the built-in advertising from the smartphone Xiaomi.

Why there are ads embedded in Xiomi smartphones

Xiaomi provides an opportunity for people to buy phones with top-end hardware at a minimum price. The head of the company has admitted more than once that the devices are sold at a minimal markup. To compensate for the losses that arise from the pricing policy, it was decided to embed advertising in the shell.


Built-in ads pop up when you use applications and individual utilities. It is displayed only in the presence of the Internet, which causes a lot of inconvenience to smartphone users.

How to get rid of ads

There are many methods for solving the problem. Blocking advertising inserts is done by changing individual settings in the settings or through the use of third-party programs.

Disabling in the security settings

To disable ad windows in the Security app, follow these steps:

Login to the application.

Click the settings icon in the upper right corner.


Find and disable the “Receive recommendations” option.


Once disabled, ads will no longer appear in this app.

In Explorer

Explorer lets you browse existing files on your phone. If the user of Xiaomi smartphone is bothered by pop-up ads, then he should go into Explorer, open the settings, go to the “Information” section. In this section, you also need to disable the “Receive recommendations” item.

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In music.

On “Xiaomi” smartphones, the manufacturer pre-installed player, which is also built in advertising. To disable it requires:

Go into the music.

Open the side menu, find and enter the settings.


Find the “Advanced settings” section, at the very bottom of which will be the item you want to disable.


After performing the above actions, ads in the music player will no longer bother the user even if the Internet is connected.


The download utility displays the last downloaded files, as well as active downloads. If pop-up commercials are interfering with normal viewing, you should go to the settings by clicking on the “three dots” in the upper right corner. In them – disable the “Receive recommendations” item.


How to disable all s at once

In order not to spend time on the setting of each individual application, you should go to the general settings of the phone, find the section “Access to personal data”, there disable the item “msa” (MIUI System Ad). After that, the phone will stop collecting information to show contextual advertising.


If through the general configuration in the system applications continue to appear ad banners, then you should make adjustments in each program separately or make a cleanup of these programs.

Blocking with third-party software

To solve the problem, it is acceptable to use third-party utilities. Among the programs that can help solve the problem are:

  • AdClear;
  • AdPlus;
  • AdGuard.

These applications can be used without Root access. In addition to blocking ads in Explorer, music, and downloads, AdPlus lets you get rid of pop-up banners in your browser and games. You can download ad and window blockers from the official PlayMarket store for free.

The disadvantage of using third-party software is that it reduces the stability of pre-installed applications from Xiaomi. The explorer or downloads may not work correctly. If problems arise, the blocker should be disabled or removed from the phone.

Eliminating ad banners on the Xiaomi smartphone is a simple process. Manufacturers themselves have built in the option to enable and disable inserts, so it is not necessary to resort to the use of third-party applications.

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