How to remove duplicate contacts on Android: 4 ways to remove duplicates

Cell phones have been used as the main means of communication for decades. They allow you to put in memory a huge number of numbers, which are periodically duplicated. Agree, among the duplicates is not easy to find the right caller, and it’s also very annoying. So do not neglect to find out how to remove duplicate contacts on your Android phone.

Why are there duplicate contacts in Android?

The problem, of course, one way or another, you will be able to solve. Especially since duplicates are removed in two accounts. However, first you need to figure out why several records with the same subscriber appeared in the phonebook at once.

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There could be several reasons:

  1. Erroneous duplicate creation. You can’t rule out the fact that you may have accidentally recorded the same person twice. Of course, modern smartphones allow you to prevent this mishap at the stage of saving the caller, but this is not always the case.
  2. The contact is saved on two media. It is possible to store subscriber data both in the smartphone memory and in the SIM card memory. When creating a contact, there is an option to save on multiple media at once. In addition, you could again mistakenly enter a person into the phone book twice by yourself.
  3. Using the number when registering in a messenger. If a contact’s number is also tied to WhatsApp, Telegram or other messengers, it may be duplicated in the phone book. All of this is a synchronization error, which is fixed in a couple of minutes.

Regardless of what caused the problem, duplicates are eliminated using the same script. The main thing is to carefully study the instructions below.


How to fix the problem

Users have a huge selection of tools for eliminating duplicates. The options presented differ in convenience, simplicity and other parameters. Therefore, before starting to solve the problem, it is recommended to study all the scenarios to choose the most suitable one for yourself.

As a side note. If you specifically store numbers both on the SIM card and on the phone, you can not delete duplicates, but simply change their display. To do this, you will need to open the settings of the standard dialer, and then in the display options choose which contacts from which storage will be shown (SIM or phone).



Manual deletion

You can solve the problem yourself, without resorting to the help of settings and additional software. Earlier we found out that contacts are copied repeatedly due to a synchronization error, which is eliminated by manually removing duplicates:

  • Open your phonebook.
  • Find the duplicate contacts, and then open the duplicate contact card.
  • Go to the caller’s menu by pressing the three-dot button.
  • Click the “Delete” button.


This is not the only way to remove an unnecessary contact. If there are too many duplicates, an alternative scenario is suggested:

  1. Open your contact list.
  2. Within a couple of seconds, place your finger on one of them.
  3. Mark all the unnecessary subscribers.
  4. After three dots, select the “Delete” option.

This instruction is not valid in all callers. Depending on the model and manufacturer of the smartphone, you may need to first open the settings menu, which presents the option “Delete contacts”. Be that as it may, the deletion procedure is known to every user, and therefore should not cause difficulties.


However, when manually removing duplicates there is always a risk of error. While marking the duplicate callers, you may accidentally capture the number saved as a single duplicate. Then manual deletion will be more troublesome than useful. So be sure to consider automatic elimination of duplicates as an alternative solution to the problem, thankfully the function is supported by most smartphones.

Automatic removal

Duplicates in Android – a fairly common phenomenon, the existence of which the developers of the operating system are aware. Therefore, they have provided the ability to delete duplicate subscribers in automatic mode. You will not have to search for duplicates by yourself, checking each action so that you do not make a mistake. To solve the problem automatically you will need:

  • Start the “Contacts” or “Phone” application (the exact name depends on the device model).
  • Open the settings through three points.


  • Go to “Merge duplicates”.
  • Press the “Merge” button.


As in the case with manual deletion, the algorithm for performing automatic removal of duplicates will depend on the characteristics of the device. The menu items are named differently on each smartphone, so some steps in the instructions may not be the same. But you’re unlikely to have trouble disabling duplicate contacts, since this feature is supported on most devices.

Via Gmail

It’s no secret that any Android smartphone requires the user to create a Google account. And Google, as you know, has a huge number of services, including Google Contacts. Similar to the standard dialer, this service saves subscribers’ numbers. But due to synchronization errors, duplicates may appear. To avoid this, use the feature that allows you to automatically eliminate duplicate numbers:

  • Launch the Google Contacts app (it is either used as a standard dialer or hidden in the “Google” folder on the home screen). You can also access the service by logging in to your Gmail account.


  • Open the settings via the three dots.
  • Go to the Related Contacts section.
  • Click the Merge button.


After performing the above steps, you’ll notice that the same numbers will disappear and will be represented in the phonebook by only one caller.

Third-party applications

Finally, third-party programs are a great way to solve the problem. Unlike standard callers, they are aimed exclusively at eliminating duplicates in the phone. Among the applications that can be safely recommended, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • Simpler Merge Duplicates;
  • Contacts Optimizer;
  • Dublicate Contacts.


If your smartphone has duplicate numbers, you can use any of the presented applications, as well as a bunch of other counterparts, to solve the problem. Since all the programs work in a similar way, we can look at the algorithm with an example:

  1. Start the utility.
  2. Click the scan button.
  3. Read the list of found duplicates.
  4. Confirm the merge.

After performing the operation from Simpler Merge Duplicates, Contacts Optimizer or other similar programs you can immediately get rid of. But it’s not impossible that the problem will manifest itself again. That’s why it’s recommended to use either the built-in number combining tools or to remove the duplicates manually in time, as shown in the corresponding instruction.

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