How to remove popup ads on Android

Pop-up ads are the result of installed applications, harmless and malicious software and software. Detecting nasty programs is not easy, because it requires installation of antivirus and diagnostics. Newcomers in principle difficult to understand, meanwhile, pop-up ads gradually become annoying and irritating. Let’s tell in the article how to remove ads in the browser, disable them in the application, using special programs.

We hope that our article will help you deal with the problem quickly and efficiently. We will also give you a step-by-step analysis of the problem, its solution without harming the operating system.

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How to remove ads in your browser

How to remove ads in your browser

At a certain point, users ask quite a reasonable question “How to get rid of ads on android?”. In fact, you should not focus only on the operating system, because advertising pops up after installing a game, program, third-party applications. The screen is literally filled with banners, which makes it almost impossible to see the basic and necessary information.

In the browser ads appear regardless of what you use. Whether it’s Yandex.Browser, Google Chrome, Opera – the problem hits everyone.

The sources of unwanted ads are:

  • Adware extension. This is a program aimed at displaying ads and banners, and without asking. 
  • Viruses on the device. Viruses are downloaded automatically with documents and programs that are not trustworthy.
  • Malware. This also includes documents, videos, photos, apps and programs.

It is unlikely that you can remove ads in one way, you need to use different options to solve the problem. The first way is to download Opera browser. The updated browser provides for manual disabling of unwanted ads, on top of everything else Opera is free, contains built-in blockers, managed according to the user’s wishes.

Disabling pop-up windows in the standard Android browser is the second way. Open the browser and click on settings. Select the section called “Advanced” and make sure the slider next to the pop-up blocker is activated. The names of the items differ depending on your operating system version and smartphone model, so look for similar and similar names.

Are you using Chrome? Then open your browser and go to the settings item. In the site settings, find the “Pop-ups” option and disable the feature. Refresh your browser and enjoy ad-free tabs. By the way, the developers offer flexible terms and settings for Chrome owners. Turn on the traffic-saving feature additionally, so that pages load much faster and content is displayed in full.

But users complain that over time the content is not reflected quite correctly, and see the need to disable the option for a while. You should re-enter the browser settings and monitor the statistics of the function. We recommend that you periodically monitor the work of the device, perform diagnostics and remove malicious software. Thanks to simple and straightforward measures you will not only get rid of annoying ads, but also increase the life of your device.

Disable with AdBlock Plus

Disable with AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is a special application designed to block ads in your browser. The application is presented in a free version on Google Play, and no additional settings are required from the user. Ad blocker is universal, suitable for different versions of the Android operating system, does not slow down the work and significantly improves the quality of displayed information and website content.

The developers recommend installing AdBlock Plus Browser, because this way the user gets immediate access to the settings, there is no need to get root rights.

Installation is done by following a step-by-step process of simple steps:

  • Download AdBlock Plus and unload from Google Play.
  • Open the app and go into the internal settings.
  • Fix the proxy settings (they are specified in the app settings).
  • Go to the item with Wi-Fi, select the network in which you will work in the future, change the network through additional settings.
  • Connect the proxy settings manually.
  • In the settings, specify the proxy settings that you got in point 3.

Then commit the changes and reboot the device. Now you can use the specified network, and s, pop-up banners and alerts will not bother you anymore.

Users are mostly positive about the program. They highlight such advantages as easy installation, flexible settings, controllability, reliable advertising shutdown, and traffic savings. This free and open source software allows you to clean your browser and get fast Internet access. Compared to alternative programs, users also highlight AdBlock Plus in terms of reliability, durability, and a simple interface will keep you from getting confused. Decided to remove AdBlock Plus? Just click on Delete, the proxy settings will go back to their previous state automatically.

How to remove ads in an application

How to remove ads in the app

Ad blocking on Android devices also applies to apps, games. Users often complain about the appearance of banners and annoying ads after installing an application.

To avoid going into the details of getting root rights, here are a few useful programs and applications that will help you get rid of all or part of the ads:

  • Adaway.apk. The application blocks ads in games, programs and websites (optional, depending on settings). Works by changing the Android hosts file (version depends on the installed OS). Do not forget about root rights, because you will need them to completely disable ads.
  • Adfree. The blocker works in applications and on websites. Among the additional settings – making black and white lists of sites. 
  • Adguard. Available in paid and free versions. Free access is limited in rights and settings, but it does block ads on sites and protect your device from phishing. The paid version is feature-rich, disables ads in applications, games and third-party programs. It removes pop-up ads outside the application due to the handy “Anti-Banner” function. All the instructions on how to work, as well as tips the developer has added to the application.
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