How to remove Recycler virus – all methods

All methods of cleaning the Recycler virus

Hi friends. Protecting personal data is an important point for every PC user. But very often the system is exposed to various threats that compromise the security of information storage. I have repeatedly told about the ways to remove various “Trojans”, and in this article I want to tell you how to remove recycler virus.

The main signs of infection

  1. You connect a flash drive or removable disk to your laptop, but an access error occurs when you try to open it. Or, the content is displayed, but the launch of files is blocked. The message “Item not found” may appear.
  2. One or more processes appear in Task Manager and consume system resources. Attackers often disguise the malicious code as a secure application service by naming it something like “opera.exe” or “svhost”.
  3. Programs with incomprehensible names (just a character set) appear in the “AutoStart” folder of your computer. For example, “fpewkqk.exe” or “fcbtww.exe”.
  4. A RECYCLER folder appears in the root of the disk, which is hidden and system, making it very difficult to detect and remove.

As soon as you notice at least one of the signs, you should start the treatment immediately.

Remove the process from the autostart

To prevent the virus from launching along with the OS, you should disable it. This is done in the following way:

  • Run the configuration utility by specifying the command msconfig in the “Run” console (Win + R):

  • Go to the tab “Autorun” and analyze the list of loaded services. Uncheck all suspicious names.

System configuration window
  • Reboot the notebook.

Change the attributes of infected items

To see a hidden threat, you need to make it visible. To do this, it is worth changing the display properties of folders and files.

  • Go to “Control Panel” and click the “Folder Options” icon.
Control Panel window
  • The settings window opens, where you should select the “View” tab and make adjustments to display hidden items:
Window for setting folder and file display options
  • Now on the disk (flash drive) “lights up” The folder contains the executable file of the virus. But it is not always possible to remove it in the usual way.

What is the best way to do this without damaging the files?

  • Open the text editor “Notepad”.
  • Insert the following line:

attrib -s -h/d/s

  • Save it under any name and make sure you give it the “bat” permission so it can be executed.
  • Run the file. A black console window should appear with the necessary commands, and then it will close on its own.
  • Now we can safely remove RECYCLER and all its contents.

Perform a full scan

I strongly recommend performing a full scan of your hard drive and removable media with your anti-virus or with the Cure It utility (from DrWeb Labs).

You can download it from the official site or from us by going to following this link.

The application interface is simple and straightforward. After launching, just specify the objects to scan (select all) and click “Start”.

Scan flash drive with CureIt

After the end of the process of searching for viruses, you need to click on the “Uninstall” button. It is desirable to restart the PC immediately.

Useful tip! You can save time by restoring the successful system configuration using backup points (if automatic restore was enabled beforehand).

That’s all! You can forget about the virus like a bad dream.

Any questions? Any suggestions? Want to share your ways of solving the problem? Write in the comments.

Regards, Victor

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