How to remove the circle on the Android screen: instructions for disabling the gray dot

Smartphone is a beautiful, convenient, modern and multifunctional application. Software developers (not only apps, but also the shells themselves and the OS) and phone manufacturers do everything possible to achieve this result. Sometimes they add features that are used only in special cases, as needed or desired by the user. We will tell you how to enable or, on the contrary, remove the navigation circle on the Android screen.

What is this option?

Although the description “gray circle” fits at least three features that are available in almost every phone, we assume that you are faced with the appearance of an alternative navigation button. This feature is not enabled by default in phones, so you have to turn it on manually.


If for some unknown reason the button appeared on your device, it means that someone (or you) has recently rummaged in the phone settings. The option is peculiar to the Chinese phones “Honor” and Huawei. The main task of this button is to perform actions that are usually done with the mechanical buttons (side keys) or with the function menu at the bottom of the screen.

With this option, the user can “hang” something on the button, such as enabling multitasking mode. It sounds useless until you have a phone with a big screen. It’s not always convenient to reach for the function menu on such a gadget, and there’s no way to drag it anywhere, unlike a button.


How to remove the circle on the phone

So, the very fact of displaying a round icon on top of the desktop often stresses smartphone users. Some sometimes believe that this is not a software feature, but a problem in the display. But do not worry, the joystick for navigation can easily be turned on and off in the device parameters. Algorithm of actions:

  • Open the Android settings. These are usually indicated by a gear or wrench icon.


  • Go to “System and Updates”.
  • Open the “Navigation System” subsection.


  • Click on the “Navigation Button” tab.


  • In the tab that opens, toggle the slider to the off state.


Done. After this, the button should instantly disappear. If it didn’t, you probably misidentified the option that is responsible for it. In this case, we recommend:

  • Reboot the device.
  • Disable the “special features” mode.
  • Close all screen recording tools.
  • View and close applications with the “on top of other windows” permission


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