How to remove the Trojan from your laptop or computer universal method

Caught a Trojan on your laptop - I will tell you how to remove

How often do you have to deal with viruses or trojan? On my personal PC such problems do not arise, thanks to reliable protective software, but acquaintances often ask how to remove the Trojan virus from a laptop or desktop computer. In this article, I will talk about the simplest ways that every user should know.

I have been working in the computer industry for many years, and during this time I have eliminated hundreds of malicious utilities. Sometimes even the most “smartest” antivirus cannot solve a problem. You have to use specialized software specifically for each situation. Often the built-in applications and features of Windows come to the rescue.

Consequences of negative impact

When a Trojan infiltrates the system, some strange things start to occur:

  1. USB connectors stop working;
  2. The system reboots on its own;
  3. PC performance decreases, as if something is consuming most of the resources;
  4. The language layout does not switch;
  5. Browser opens pages slowly, and some pages don’t load at all;
  6. A notification appears on your desktop that blocks all your actions and asks you to send an SMS to remove the restriction.
SMS ransomware

This is only part of the unpleasant consequences of viruses infiltrating the Windows OS.


It cannot be said that there is one universal way to “cure”. Hackers are constantly coming up with something new, not allowing you to relax. Therefore, some Trojans can be eliminated very quickly, while others will require a lot of sweat.

Disk formatting

This way is undesirable for most users, because all data will be deleted from the medium. But sometimes this is the only way to save the situation.

Select Format in the context menu of the drive

If viruses are firmly lodged in the system, it is easier to format everything and reinstall the operating system.

I recommend that you start with other methods.

If the system will not start

In this case, you will need an installation disk. You will have to boot in safe mode and manually clean all traces of Trojan. I will tell you more about it further on.

Desktop does not appear

This happens after some system resources are affected. After booting you see a black screen with a cursor.

To start the “Explorer” process, click Ctrl + Esc +Shift and start the “Task Manager”. In the top menu select “File” – “New task”. Type:


If social networking sites don’t open

A very common “disease” that drives many users crazy. In most cases, the solution is hidden in the hosts file:

Full path to the hosts file

It should be opened in any text editor and delete all entries. Then restart the PC.

Full scan

As soon as you suspect something is wrong, you should take advantage of the antivirus you have installed by running a thorough scan. This may take several hours and will help to remove the malicious code from your computer.

Warning! It is desirable to perform this procedure in safe mode! To enter it you should press F8 on your keyboard while loading Windows. A menu will appear in which select the appropriate item.

Boot menu of the operating system with safe mode

After starting the operating system, most drivers and network services will not be enabled, allowing you to conduct a full scan and get rid of the “disease”. Moreover, the anti-virus software will have access to the resources that in normal mode can be blocked by Trojan software.

DrWeb CureIt!

If the scan did not yield the desired result (no problems were detected), you should Download Cure It utility for freewhich contains the latest virus definitions and can find problems.

USB flash drive test results window

Remove processes from autostart

Open the “Run” console (Win + R) and type the command:


After setup window appears, go to “Autorun” tab and uncheck suspicious items. Here’s an example:

Eliminate anything you didn’t personally install. If in doubt, go online from your android tablet (or any other device) and “search” for a suspicious line to find out its purpose.

I’ve already written many different articles on virus treatmentI have already written many different articles about curing viruses, you can look there too, maybe another method will work better.

Another virus worth mentioning is Artemis, which copies its files on disk and then starts duplicating them. Thus, free space starts to run out quickly. Most often the Trojan affects only Win32-based systems.

In the autorun its process is called (randomname).dll. If you see something like this, do not hesitate to delete it.

Cleanup of Disks

I strongly recommend cleaning up all files that are associated with restore points, as they may contain malicious code. Also, it’s worth deleting temporary files in Temp folders and browser pages you’ve viewed. You will not need to use the command line. Any third-party software will work for this purpose: Wise Care 365, CCleaner.

Use AVZ, Ad-Aware

To protect yourself from spyware applications you can download these mini-utilitiesTo protect yourself from spyware and other types of Trojans, you can download these mini utilities.

I hope this article was useful and do not forget to share it in social networks by clicking the buttons below. See you later.

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