How to reset Android to the factory settings Samsung: how to make a Hard Reset and reinstall the OS

Each owner of a Samsung smartphone himself determines what functions of the device he will use. As a rule, the operation of the gadget is limited to installing the necessary applications. However, the device carries a lot of additional features that owners usually bypass. In particular, the user must know how to reset Android to factory settings on the Samsung phone, because sometimes this operation becomes a real salvation.

What does this function give

Reset settings (Hard Reset) is a process that leads to the deletion of all user data stored on the smartphone. Simply put, after a reset, the phone becomes “like new”. That is, you have to register your account again when you start it up again. In addition, Hard Restore deletes all files, including photos and videos, not to mention passwords and other information.


It would seem that this procedure has serious consequences. Especially if the reset is performed accidentally. However, the operation finds widespread use among users in the following scenarios:

  • attempting to correct a system failure;
  • restoring access in case the password is forgotten;
  • transferring the device to another person or reselling the smartphone.

This relatively small list can be supplemented by a variety of scenarios, the choice of which depends directly on what goal the owner of the gadget is pursuing.


How to make a Hard Reset

The operation is performed in several ways, although users are usually limited to the standard option of resetting through the phone settings. However, sometimes the functionality of the device and some of the interface elements leaves much to be desired, so you have to look for additional ways to reset. In this regard, we suggest reviewing all the existing methods that will help you to perform a reset in any situation.

Via settings

This is the standard option that allows you to reset the settings in just a couple of minutes. In this case, the standard interface of the phone “Samsung” is used, and more precisely – its settings. To return the parameters to the standard values, you need to do the following:

  • Open the device settings.


  • Go to “Archive and reset”, and then – “Reset data”.


  • Press the “Reset Device” button and confirm the operation by pressing the “Delete All” button.


As a side note. You can also create a backup copy of your data under “Archiving and resetting” so that you can still recover it later. It is recommended to save the backup to the cloud or transfer it to an external storage device, be it a microSD card or another device.


After completing the last step, the smartphone will reboot. The next time you turn on your smartphone, you will see an authorization window asking you to sign in through your Google account. After logging in, you will see an almost empty desktop with only the standard applications.

During the operation, you may encounter various difficulties concerning the search for the desired menu item. Note that the names of the sections differ depending on the current version of Android and the branded OneUI shell.

Using the phone button on your smartphone

On modern smartphones there is no full reset using a special button. However, using the physical keys located on the body of the device, you can open an additional Recovery menu, which works separately from the main shell. This is exactly the variant of performing a rollback when the phone does not work correctly. To perform the operation you will need to:

  • Turn off your Samsung.


  • Press the Power and Volume Up buttons, as well as the Home button (newer models without the Home button use a combination of Power + Volume Up or Power + Volume Up + Bixby).


  • The keys need to be held for a few seconds. If everything is done correctly, Recovery Mode will appear in front of you, where you should first go to “Wipe data/factory reset” and confirm the operation.


  • Then go back a step and perform “Reboot system now”.


As a side note. When in recovery mode move between the menu items using the volume knob, and confirm the action by pressing the power button.


After rebooting, the Samsung will return to its original state. The same as if you decided to rollback the settings by resetting through the phone settings.

Service code

The final way to restore the settings involves the help of the service menu. Of course, you can also install special software on your computer and connect the phone to the PC, but we reject this option because it requires a lot of extra actions.

To rollback through the service menu you will need:

  • Open the dialer.
  • Enter the request *2767*3855#.
  • Press the call button.


Then the reset process will start immediately. Therefore, use this code only if you have definitely decided to roll back the device parameters. Otherwise, you will lose all your files.

– Between Exchange

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