How to restore your Google account on Android: how to get back your lost account

The work of any smartphone on the Android operating system is tied to the interaction with Google services. To be able to install applications through Play Market, the user must create an account. But after some time, device owners are faced with a problem when they cannot pass authorization and thus become restricted in access to services. Therefore, it is important to understand how to restore a Google account on an Android phone.

Password recovery

There are different problems logging into a Google account, but most often the user simply cannot remember the password for the account. At this point, many people give up and consider creating a new profile. However, there is no need to rush things, because the developers of Android have provided a lot of opportunities to restore access.


By previously used password

Of course, every responsible user backs up his or her password by saving it in his or her notes. But even someone who has forgotten the access code can still log in to the account, since Google saves passwords the first time you sign in:

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Go to “Accounts.”
  • Click on “Add Account” and select Google.


  • Enter the phone number or email address that the UZ is tied to.
  • Click on the “Next” button.
  • You will now be presented with a password entry screen. If you allowed Google to keep your login information the first time you logged in, the system will offer to use one of the passwords you used before. All you have to do is click on the offer and click on “Next”.
  • If the password doesn’t match, or if the system simply doesn’t prompt you to enter the previously used login information, click on “Forgot your password?
  • Enter the last password you remember, and then click “Next” again.


If the circumstances are lucky, you will be able to solve the problem with authorization after the sixth step. Even if you follow all the instructions, but access is not restored, there are still many chances to log in to your account. The main thing is not to leave the authorization window and act according to the algorithm presented below.

From another device

If the old password is gone, but you are authorized in your Google Account on any other device, you will be able to restore access by an alternative method. Note that all of the steps in the following instruction are performed after you have gone through all of the steps in the previous algorithm:

  • So, if you don’t remember your password, or if it’s incorrect, click on “Other way” in the access recovery window.


  • The system prompts you to restore your account through another device where you authorized your Google account. This could be a second smartphone, computer, or Smart TV. So turn on your secondary device and pay attention to the screen.


  • It will display a notification that you are trying to restore access from another smartphone. You need to click the “Yes” button to confirm the authorization.


The notification comes in the form of a message to the email linked to the account. So regardless of whether you use a smartphone or a TV to restore, you need to open the email service and confirm authorization through the email you receive.

From a backup email

It’s no coincidence that Google asks you to enter as much information as possible when you create an account. After all, all of this at some point can save when restoring access to your profile. So, if you specified a backup email address, you can log back in to your account as follows:

  • Click on “Other way”.


  • Google will prompt you to restore via e-mail. Click on “Submit” to confirm the action.


  • An email with a code will arrive at the specified email address. You must enter it in the next field, and then click “Next”.


As a side note. If you have not linked a backup e-mail, the letter with the recovery code will be sent to the e-mail address you specified during registration.

If everything is done correctly, the account will come back to life, and you will be able to log in again. If this option doesn’t help either, tap on “Another way” again and go to the next instruction.

From phone number

The last option involves using the phone number to which your account is linked. After clicking on “Another way”, follow a few simple steps:

  • Enter your phone number.


  • Select the method of sending the code (SMS or call).
  • Enter the code in the next window and click on “Next”.


Separately, it’s worth mentioning how to get the code by calling. In this case, Google makes a call to your phone, and you need to remember the last four digits of the number that called.

How to restore a previously deleted account

If the user remembers the password perfectly, but just accidentally or intentionally deleted the account earlier, they also have the option to restore the account:

  • Open the Google login window.
  • Enter the email address linked to your profile.
  • You’ll see a message telling you that the KM has been deleted. Click on “Try to recover”.
  • Enter the password you remember or use one of the methods we discussed earlier to recover it.


Please note that in this situation, an important factor is how long ago the account was liquidated. Try not to delay getting your account back. Otherwise, you will have to create a new profile.

What to do if your account is blocked

Sometimes user accounts are blocked by Google itself. If this happens, follow the instructions:

  • Try to log in to the account.
  • Read the message indicating the reason for blocking.
  • Click the button that allows you to send a request to restore access.
  • Confirm the action.


This will depend on the reason your profile was blocked. If it was by mistake, Google will restore access as soon as possible. If you did break the rules, you’ll have to create a new account.

What to do if your account is compromised

If you suspect your Google account has been compromised, take immediate action:

  • Log in to your account.
  • If access is lost, recover your password using one of the methods we discussed earlier.
  • Open your profile settings.
  • Go to “Security” and then to “Show Security Events”.
  • If among the actions listed you see ones that you did not perform, click the “No, it wasn’t me” button.


Remember that the best protection against hacking is to set up two-factor authentication. So always provide your phone number and backup email address when you sign up for a Google account.

Your password is correct, but it won’t open

If you are sure you entered the correct password, but your profile is still not accessible, double-check your password. If after re-entering you again fail to pass authorization, you will have to restore access by one of the ways considered earlier in this material.

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