How to say: it’s over

It starts beautifully and ends differently. How to tell her gently that you don’t feel anything for her, or how to hit her so that it really hurts – these are problems that everyone faces from time to time.

How to say: it's over

Why things break sooner or later is a problem that philosophers have not found an answer to. It’s just the way things are, and it can’t be helped. There comes a moment when you have to say enough.

Memories of those beautiful moments “when we had it so good” still come back. How many wonderful walks on the beach at sunset and amazing orgasms everywhere possible affect how much you dislike it when she points out to you not to wear your sports sweatshirt or how strong the image of her and that guy caught completely naked in your car is. The ratio of her current faults to past virtues determines your choice of the right way to break up.

Or are you just a bastard?

You leave her alone with two kids and take all your money and go to America with a stripper you met yesterday? You don’t need advice on how to break up with her, just a visit to a psychologist.

If you are thinking about whether you can tell her: “we can continue to make love”, then don’t kid yourself. There’s something wrong with you, too. There’s no telling what unresolved issues are hiding under your skull, but sociopathy supposedly can be treated.

Life isn’t fair, and it doesn’t just put the bad guys in harm’s way, it puts the normal guys in harm’s way too. What’s more, the bastards don’t notice the problem that they are the way they are.

When you are faced with a moral dilemma, your dignity is at stake. – If you don’t know how to behave, behave decently,” the writer Antoni Slonimski used to say. So why don’t we become friends?

Let’s be friends

– We had a wonderful relationship for 5 years. But one day I fell in love with a colleague from work. To the point of madness and with reciprocity – says 38-year-old Wojtek, who works in the shoe industry. – I got up my courage and told her about the other one. What? Actually not much. I was pushed to the wall and said that we can be friends. It sounded trite and empty. To this day I regret having used those words,” she recalls.

“After all, we can always be friends” could compete for the most clichéd phrase of all time. It comes off far worse than anything you say from yourself no matter what words you use. You need to know that there will be bloodshed either way, but if you are honest, it can be a cleansing ritual and not a senseless slaughter.

Men can be innocent, too.

You saw them naked in your car. She says they were checking the air conditioning, but you’re pretty sure that’s not true. You have to act. You have to come up with something that will hurt her. If this guy has achieved nothing in life (except successful relationships with women), and you can take away your partner’s access to more than just air conditioning in the car, you will have five minutes of satisfaction.

If you do not have the opportunity to cut off the tap with money, you need to look for more sophisticated forms of revenge. We suggest reading “The Count of Monte Christo.” It’s not only a book about what perfect revenge looks like, but also about the cost of it. Revenge corrupts and will never change what has happened.

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