How to scan the QR code on Android to install, connect to Wifi

How to Read a QR Code on Android

How to scan QR code on Android for different purposes (Wifi connection, authorization in messengers Viber, Whatsapp, view products on Aliexpress) we will consider in detail in this publication. Let’s analyze both the built-in capabilities of Android and third-party applications.

How to read a QR code

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What is the “strange square”?

I am sure that many of you often come across similar “drawings” on the Internet, on s, product packaging, etc.:

QR code example

By the way, this is the QR code of our Youtube channel.

So, we are dealing with such a concept as “Quick Response Code”, which was created for the Japanese car industry, but after a while gained popularity all over the world. “QR” is a type of barcode where almost any information – links to websites, text descriptions, geographic coordinates, order and payment data – is encrypted using a unique arrangement and size of black blocks.

The technology has such a wide range of uses that one could go on and on for hours. For example, I recently purchased VR glasses for Xiaomi smartphone, and not to look for a special application in the Play Store, it was enough to scan the QR on the package and go straight to downloading the software.

The scanning procedure takes a few seconds and the necessary condition is the connection to the Internet. Let’s have a closer look at the tools.

Built-in features of the Android smartphone

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to use them. Older OS versions installed on phones older than 5 years are unlikely to support this method. But more modern firmware handles the task almost automatically.

For example, on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 there is a standard application “Scanner”. In addition, it is enough just to turn on the camera and point it at the QR code, so that the button “More…” appears, and already in a new window you will see a link (or other information):

The camera scans QR

Again, it all depends on Android and the installed shell – in MIUI (in Xiaomi/Xiaomi) and Flyme (for Meizu) these functions are implemented, although in the latter case you must select the appropriate shooting mode:

Scan QR in Flyme shell

Try to look for something similar, dig in the settings. If you fail to find it, proceed to the list of useful utilities.

How to scan a QR code on Android with third-party programs

In the official store Google Play you will find a lot of software with the help of which the different types of codes can be recognized. But you should use only software with a high rating, preferably choose options without advertising (although there are few of them). I have prepared a list relevant for April 2018. Perhaps in the future there will be more advanced solutions. Although, what new can offer a utility of a similar purpose?

  • Lightning Scanner;
  • Scanner by Gammaplay;
  • QR by Geeks-Lab;
  • Code Reader.

I will not specifically describe the interface and features of each tool, because they are identical, have the same principle of operation, namely:

  • You connect to the Internet (mobile or Wi-Fi);
  • Launch the application;
  • Choose a mode (if offered);
  • When a square appears on the screen, you should point the camera to the desired item you want to scan;
  • After a couple of seconds the result will be found and you will see the information on the display;
  • Then you can go to the site (if you got the link), read the description, share in social networks (messengers), copy it for later pasting in the notes, etc.

Now you know how to read a QR code on Android to install applications, browse web pages. In the case of confirmation of payment or order, authorization in Viber, WhatsApp – the essence is the same. Follow the prompts displayed on the screen – and you will never get confused.

By the way, many establishments – cafes, pizzerias, restaurants, hotels have long been using such barcodes to provide access to the wireless network. It’s enough to scan it to connect – you don’t even have to enter a password. It’s very convenient!

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