How to see blurred text on an Android screenshot: how to see and read a blurred message

The function of creating screenshots is on every smartphone. And the user can not only take a screenshot, but also edit it. Thus, some mobile device owners prefer to blur certain text fragments in the screenshot. To decrypt it, the recipient needs to figure out how to view the blurred text on the screenshot in the Android operating system using third-party apps and built-in phone tools.


Snapseed .

An optimal option for Android smartphone owners. Snapseed is a free app available for download through Play Market. Its features include many picture editing functions, including the identification of painted areas of the picture. To see the hidden text in a screenshot, you’ll need:

  • Install Snapseed using the Google Play Market or the APK file.


  • Launch the app.


  • Press the “+” button and select the image.
  • Open the “Tool” tab, and then the “Correction” tab.


  • Click the settings icon.
  • Set the correct settings for the text display.
  • Save the screenshot.


Now about what settings you need for text recognition. In the settings section you need to set the following values:

  • exposure – 100;
  • brilliance – 100;
  • highlights – 100;
  • shadows – 100;
  • Contrast – minus 100.


It’s very easy to remember these settings – we turn all the values to 100, and for contrast we put -100. Do not confuse these parameters, as even a minimal error will put an end to the recognition of the text.

Note that this method of “manifestation” has a number of drawbacks. For example, it does not work with all “putties”. In practice, it is possible to recognize text that was painted with a darker shade of color. In addition, the “putty” should have a little transparency. If the color is solid, you will not be able to manifest the hidden information through Snapseed or any other editor.


A much more advanced tool for editing screenshots and other images, for which one smartphone will not be enough to work with. PaintShop is a program designed for personal computers.


Consequently, the principle of interaction with it is as follows:

  • We connect the smartphone to the PC, using a USB cable, and transfer the screenshot.
  • Install PaintShop on the computer.
  • Start the program and choose the desired image.
  • Go to the settings and set the parameters necessary for the deciphering of the text.
  • Save the picture, and then transfer it back to your smartphone.

Of course, this way of working looks extremely inconvenient. However, when using PaintShop, the chance of reading the blurred text is much higher, because the program has a lot of features that can recognize even the information for which light colors of “putty” were used to hide.


Since PaintShop is an advanced tool, you have to pay a license to use it. Its cost is about $100, which is definitely not an optimal amount for text recognition on a single photo. However, if you want to keep working with your graphics and not just remove the “grease,” this program will certainly pay for itself.

Affinity Photo

Another professional program for the computer that allows you to remove the “putty” from a photo. The principle of operation here will be the same as in the case of PaintShop, but the cost of the license is much lower. The version localized for the Russian market will cost 899 rubles. In addition, you can find pirated versions of software on the Internet, which can be downloaded completely free of charge. The other thing is that pirated software poses a considerable threat, because it does not pass security checks.


Gimp .

The most accessible version of the advanced photo editor for PC. The interface and functionality of Gimp are similar to Adobe Photoshop, but the price is much lower. In Russia, a license for the Gimp will cost 400 rubles for the basic version, which will be quite sufficient for working with layers and more complex graphics constructions.

Although with Snapseed available for free and the need to transfer the file to your computer and then back again, there are a lot of doubts about the advisability of buying the Gimp. You might be satisfied with the tools of the free app or even the built-in tools of your smartphone.


How to see blurred text in a screenshot with built-in tools

After reviewing several software options, we can conclude that Snapseed is the best tool for recognizing text in photos and screenshots. However, on some smartphones you can even do without third-party software:

  • Launch the default Gallery app.
  • Select the photo you want.


  • Tap the edit button.
  • Set the right settings to remove the “putty.”
  • Save the picture.

Yes, such a function is not present on all models, but this does not negate the fact that owners of some devices like Samsung and Xiaomi can cope with the task without unnecessary movements. The main thing – carefully examine the built-in application “Gallery” and its capabilities.

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