How to see your ip-address on your computer, phone and tablet

An IP address is a digital identifier that many gadgets use to communicate with each other on a local network. Each phone, computer or tablet on the network has its own unique IP address. You may need it if you want to set up a network printer or if you want to access a computer remotely using the Internet. Each network-type device has two types of addresses: external and internal. One of them affects directly the interaction of devices located in the local network, and the second is oriented to work within the Internet, that is, a wide area network. We also have rating of the best mini printers for the phone.

The IP address

How do I know my external IP address?

How do I know my external IP address?

It is otherwise known as a public one. It is visible to other internet users. It is assigned exclusively by the ISP and may belong to the router and not to the devices you are using on the network. The fastest way to find out the external IP address is to use special websites. For example, IP-Ping, 2IP, WhatIsMyIP. When you are at any of these sources, you will see the external address in the very center of the screen. It is worth noting that devices connected to one router and coming into network through it have the same network address.

How do I know the internal IP address?

How do I know my internal IP address?

It was quite easy to find out the external address, but the situation is completely different with the internal address, because each testing platform gives different results. We suggest that you read more about the ways to find out the network address in Windows, Android and on your tablet.

On a Windows computer Windows computer, it is easy to find out the address by using the command line. Run it as administrator and enter the ipconfig command in the window that appears. After this operation, the address data will be displayed. It is worth paying attention to the line with the name IPv4. It will contain a numeric sequence of the following format – This will be the internal IP address of your PC.

On Android internal network address can be quickly viewed in the Wi-Fi connection settings. The interface of this menu is different on different platforms, but you can easily find the necessary menu on your own. If for some reason there is no such possibility, you can use a special program IP Tools, which displays two addresses at once.

To find the address value on your tablet You can use the method described above or the following: Go to the menu of wireless network settings and click on the three dots to open an additional menu. It’s at the top right side. As a result, you will see a window with the IP and MAC address of the tablet.

How do I know someone else’s IP?

How to find out someone else's IP

Often users need to find out someone else’s network address. For example, in the case of approximate location. A special service can help in this case – IP Logger. This method is considered really effective only on the condition that the person whose address you want to determine will use the proper link. You must first create a URL, allowing you to know someone else’s address. You can do this on the IP Logger site, in the links or pictures section. Insert the link to any image or page and click on the button to get the logger code. When a person clicks on this link, you will get their web address. Services focused on shortening links help to disguise the link and make it less suspicious. For example, one of these is Bitly.

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