How to send a large file via email, via the cloud

5 free services for sending big files on the Internet

Often there is a need to send weighty archives, videos over the Internet, but the possibilities of e-mail are limited. You won’t even be able to attach such items to the letter. How to send a big file by e-mail? Only through the cloud? Or are there simpler options? Now we will look at five useful online services that will solve the problem completely free of charge and without the need for registration.



Taking advantage of Google Drive, Yandex Drive

If you try to add a large file in Gmail, you’ll see this notification:

Gmail file attachment

If you have gigabytes in Google’s cloud storage, it will immediately start downloading the object, and then you will get a link to it, which will be inserted in the text of the email. The recipient will just have to click on it and a tab will open with the content for viewing and downloading.

If you have never encountered Google Drive, it is advisable to register. After that, you will be able to pre-place the necessary items in the repository, and then immediately get a link to them for subsequent sending in any way convenient for you:

google drive share link
attaching google drive file to an email

The same applies to the Yandex cloud. A more detailed explanation can be found at the end of the article by watching the thematic video.

How to send a large file quickly, without registration?

Let’s take a look at 5 Internet-resources, which were created precisely for this purpose – to simplify users’ lives and save time.

  • Firefox Send – convenient service from the company Mozilla. The page is completely in Russian, transmitted data are encrypted, the duration of the link is limited, valuable information is stored on the Internet for a short time. But only objects up to 1 GB in size can be transferred. It is enough to click on the download button and select the file on your computer. After sending it (the duration of the procedure depends on the size) you are provided with a link for further distribution.
firefox send
  • FilePizza – the principle of operation is radically different from the previous method, the interface is in English. Click on “Select a file”, select the desired component for downloading and WAIT. You get the link and immediately send it to the recipient. You can not close the browser and the tab with the “file pizza” site until the recipient fully downloaded the file. Why so? The fact that the service does not store your data at all, it simply forms a channel of information between the two computers. When the connection to the resource is interrupted, then the sending stops as well. The advantage is that there is no limit on the size. Well, the disadvantages are already obvious.
pizza file
  • FileMail is another quality service with a limit of 50 GB. It has a built-in mail client, where you specify “to whom” and “from whom”, write the text, subject and attach folders/files. Or select the tab “Send as Link” to get the link and share it by any convenient method. In doing so, you can specify the message displayed on the download page:
  • Send Anywhere is a very popular method, which is implemented not only in the Web, but you can also install the application on your computer, smartphone. The limit on the size of the data to be sent is 50 GB. If you need more, you will have to pay. The essence is simple – you click on “+”, choose a file, after downloading you get a code key, give it to the recipient, he goes to the same site and enters it in the field “Input key” to start downloading:
  • TresoritSend – will allow you to send a large file by email (up to 5 GB) with the option to set a password to open it. That is, no one else can view the information, even if they take possession of the link.

All of the above methods are discussed in detail in the instructions from our Youtube channel. Are you already subscribed to it? No? We recommend!

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