How to set a flash drive password – simple and effective options

How to password protected flash drive - simple and effective variants

Today flash drives are considered to be one of the most convenient and reliable means of information storage. Here you can write gigabytes of information: multimedia content, working information, necessary programs and more. That’s just such a small object is easy enough to lose, to protect yourself and your information, you need to know how to put a password on the flash drive. This is what we will talk about today.

The most effective options

Undoubtedly, the most reliable method for storing confidential information – just do not keep it anywhere, but if you are using modern advances – it is important to know all options for limiting access to the most important.

Encryption is very popular nowadays, because with the right approach it will not allow random people or intruders to gain access. Advanced algorithms with a complex key are usually used for encryption tools, and the password used by the user must be complex. Is it possible to write a safe code on a usb memory card and not to worry about the safety of its contents? Let’s try to find out.

For those who are not so friendly with various utilities, there are variants without special applications. In addition, it is not always possible and desire to use specialized software. So there may be several options here.

Preinstalled protection

You have bothered to buy a drive with so-called hardware encryption in advance. There is no need to use third-party products for such devices. You just connect it to the yusb port and enter the combination on the keyboard, which is located on the panel of the flash drive itself.

When you deactivate it, auto-lock occurs. Do not forget that if you enter the wrong pin code several times, all the stored information will be forever closed, even for you. Many manufacturers produce such equipment, here it is worth choosing only according to your taste and finances.

Using simple tools

In fact, sometimes all the simplest is the most reliable, you can make sure of this by using the following options:

  • You can imagine a situation where you need to protect an important spreadsheet with finances in Excel. To do this, in the “File” tab, find the “Save As” option, and in the save dialog box itself, open “Tools,” find “General Options.” After that, you can put a password, so that there is no possibility of unauthorized viewing, using, editing data. You can do the same in Word. Even an inexperienced user will be able to use this option.
Password in Excel
  • BitLocker – a standard offering of Windows 7 and some other versions, it is worth clarifying here. For example, in Windows 8.1, it can be found only in the Professional and Corporate versions. Initially it is in disabled mode, to enable it, go to Start, open Control Panel, then System and Security and find “BitLocker disk encryption”. When you insert the flash drive into a special slot on your PC, BitLockerToGo options will open. This item should be activated, and then follow the instruction provided. Let me say at once that the disk will be fully encrypted.
Bitlocker encryption for flash drive
  • Another way is to use the standard archiver – This program is needed for daily work, in addition, on many PCs it is installed immediately. During the creation of the archive you can encrypt the necessary objects. If we consider this method as a whole, additional software is still used here, but archivers are very common, so you can easily identify them in the “family” of handy tools.

Is it possible to put protection on the memory card in the mobile device?

Responsible users in time show concern for the protection of information on his gadget, because he is with us all the time, besides it is on the smartphone today we store the bulk of important data: various pin codes, personal accounts of banks and more. Setting a password to a phone flash drive is a standard feature, which is available to owners of devices with Android OS older than 4.0, and for external drives – from 4.1. In the budget models such protection is usually absent.

If you have a low-cost device, you can activate encryption in the settings, and you will need the Privacy subsection of the Advanced Settings.

Android memory encryption

A prerequisite is an active locking of the display with the key, otherwise nothing will work. Already in Android 6.0 this feature is pre-installed, it also applies to iPhones.

If the standard tools are not available, a Google Play search will give a decent list of applications for information security. Many positive reviews of the program SSE encryption, in addition, it can offer additional functionality – password manager, text encryptor. The interface is simple, so you can easily understand and choose what you need to protect. In older devices functioning on the basis of Symbian, everything is much easier. In such phones, you just need to go to the menu, select the settings, then the protection and its level.

Using specialized software

If you want to put a code through the software, then there is something to choose from. There are independent developments, as well as proposals from memory card manufacturers. The principle of adjustment in most programs is standard. To do this you need to:

  • download the application, install;
  • connect a 32 GB flash drive (or any other) to the PC;
  • Open the software and choose USB encryption;
  • think of a secure PIN-code and enter it in the fields provided for this purpose;
  • specify the required size of protected content in the “Disk settings”. The main feature of this utility is that not all information is encrypted, but a special partition is created for it;
  • Click on creating a disk.

After that, you do not need to worry about data safety, your data is reliably protected. They can be accessed through the main menu of the application or by using the executable file, it is created on an unprotected segment.

Not every proposed software is 100% up to the task. Some programs are still not very stable, so here are a few proven products that have a lot of positive reviews and excellent recommendations:

  • RohosMiniDrive – will not protect the entire flash drive, but only the marked area, download for free;
  • TrueCrypt – a common application with good functionality, but, unfortunately, they stopped updating it several years ago;
  • USBSafeguard – does not need to be installed, the free version has only 2 GB of free space;
  • BitLocker – protects the entire drive, comes with Windows 10 and some other versions, it is necessary to specify.

It is worth noting that the reliability of any application will depend directly on the level of complexity of the combination you make. Combinations of the type 123 will be elementary even for a beginner. It is better to write not less than 8 symbols in the password, it will be better if you make a combination of special characters, numbers and different letters.

Can we put protection on one folder?

There are situations when you need to set a pin code only for On one folder with important objects on a 16 GB flash drive or any other folder. Special applications can help with this. Anvide Lock Folder can be highlighted here.

Download .

The program has the following advantages:

  • small volume, takes up little space;
  • does not need to be installed on your computer;
  • Securely protects important information on all types of media;
  • You can set different passwords for multiple objects.
Anvide Seal Folder

You can work with the program right after you download it. Everything is accessible and understandable. In the application window, you should specify a folder on the memory card or PC and click on the button with the symbol of a closed lock. After that, you should enter your password, and everything will close. Moreover, you can also additionally lock the software itself.

Restore access to Flash

What to do if you can’t remember your password? In the network you can find a lot of applications promising quick results and instant selection of a pin code, but you should not strongly trust such proposals. Some programs may be malicious. Another option is to find someone who can break or remove the encryption altogether. But it is best to choose a password that you can remember quickly.

Quite often, users work with microSD flash drives. They are used in mobile devices, cameras, and tablets. On such a storage device, they also put a password through the menu of the device. If you put such a memory card in some other equipment, you will be asked for a pin-code, without it you will not be able to restore access without losing the content.

Recently, devices called “unlockers” have become popular. Their cost is quite high – about ten to twenty dollars. They help remove the protection and format the flash drive. The data can no longer be recovered, but you can continue to use the drive. If there is no point in buying such a device, you can contact a specialist.

Hopefully, after this article you will not have a question how to put a password on a flash drive, and you will be able to put your own secure combination after reading it. Another tip – take care of your data security in advance and don’t make the pin code too confusing, so that you can enter it immediately if necessary. Have you ever put security on your drive? If so, which option did you use? Leave comments and sign up for blog updates so you don’t miss a lot of interesting stuff.

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