How to set a ringtone on iPhone iPhone – different ways

How to set a ringtone on iPhone iPhone

iPhone has long been a faithful assistant for many users, that’s just some options, for example, setting your own ringtone on the device, still cause certain difficulties. Now we are going to talk about how to set a ringtone on the iPhone and what you need to do.

how to set the ringtone on iPhone

A little bit of theory

Basic concepts about mobile devices everyone knows, even a beginner understands that you can put your own music track on the call. Experienced users cope with this task easily, but for those who have just begun to understand the nuances and principles of the iOS operating system, a competent instruction will never hurt. Regardless of the generation of the smartphone, this process is the same for all devices. On iPhone 7, as well as on others, replacing the standard ringtone with your own ringtone can be done in a few steps:

  • download the track to the phone memory;
  • set as a signal through iTunes.

“Apple” equipment is different from the usual mobile devices, here everything is not simple, so you can’t do without additional actions. One more thing, in iPhone 5 you can not download any track, you can only download objects with the format M4R, which duration does not exceed forty seconds, but the smartphone must accept them as a sound call. You can download audio from the company’s virtual catalog, but you have to pay for it. So let’s look for free options.

Creating a ringtone for iPhone 5 and other generations

To create your own ringtone incoming you need to:

  • First of all, activate the iTunes application on the PC;
  • Then press both of the buttons simultaneously Ctrl + S to “pop up” the side menu:
Ctrl+S key combination
  • In the window that appears, click on the item “Music”, after which another window appears, where you will need to copy the selected track;
Music in iTunes
  • select a new song, right-click and choose “Settings” in the context menu;
  • a new window will appear where you should mark the lines “Start” and “Stop time”. In the last point you should mark a half of a minute and press OK:
start and end of a track in itunes settings
  • select the edited audio, right click on it and choose an item to change the format, convert it to ACC:
ACC file in iTunes
  • select the new file and send it to the desktop;
  • now you need to perform some actions for the PC to show all the corrected objects. In this case, use the directory of the iTunes application – through the control panel you will need to enter the “Explorer Options” (folders):
folders options
  • Next, on the “View” tab, find the line that helps you hide extensions for registered file types and uncheck it:
enabling file type visibility
  • go to the Desktop to find a previously saved song and rename it change the extension from “aac” to “m4r.”

After that, go back to the application and select the subitem “Sounds” in the window on the right side and move the changed audio to the window. Then you can connect your iPhone to the program and perform the synchronization. The ringtone will be added to your phone, the only thing left is to set it as a ringtone – about this I’ll tell you below.

Let’s set the audio to the signal

To use the created melody as a ringtone, you should perform the following actions:

  • go to the settings of the gadget;
  • click on the “Sounds” category, find the “Ringtone” section, click:
Setting a ringtone for iPhone
  • in the list that opens, select the recording you made and click on it.

As you have already understood, this option necessarily requires iTunes. All actions are first performed through the computer, and only after that the signal is installed on the iPhone.

Other options

There are several other methods of downloading your chosen music tracks. To do this, you will have to use file managers that allow you to drop off objects without synchronizing with the iTunes application. For example, the software iFunBox can be used. In order to use it, you must first install the utility on your computer and run it. After that the main interface opens, then:

  • click on the “Quick Toolbox” tab at the top;
  • In the file import section, select the “Using a ringtone” (Rington) icon;
  • A menu will appear to download the audio;
  • Here click on “Click here” and select the desired song.
ringtone in iFunBox

These actions help you download the song immediately to your mobile device, you can find it later in the settings.

Trim the track and install it

If you do not want to download new audio items, and you want to install one of those in the playlist, you can read on. Things will be a little easier here:

  • you select a song from your catalog on your iPhone;
  • then mark the beginning and end of the playlist. Here you can also choose to fade the song (Fade On):
Trim audio and turn fade in
  • The desired object is copied into iTunes, to do this, you will have to connect your smartphone to your computer, to find the utility Ringtone Maker and open the necessary audio file in it;
  • Synchronize the sounds, and DONE!

The sound can be used as a ringtone, which is recorded with a voice recorder. So you can just put on the record your favorite song or your voice, and then set it to ringtone or alarm clock.

Will it be possible to install without a computer?

I have already described several options for creating and downloading audio for incoming calls to the iPhone. But they can only be used through the connection of the smartphone to the PC, which is not always possible or convenient. Is there a way for which you do not need a computer? Yes, this method exists and has existed for a very long time. But not all users could use it. The reason is that GarageBand allowing you to create a ringtone on your gadget was previously a paid program. Not so long ago, Apple has made it available, that is, you don’t need to pay anything to download it. So let’s take a closer look at this option.

But first, I will note a few disadvantages of this method:

  • The software will take 1.44 GB, so not everyone can install it on their device;
  • creating a ringtone from the Apple Music collection using the application will not work.

If these two points do not matter to you, let’s consider the instructions in more detail:

  • First you need to install the software on your iPhone and activate it;
  • go to the Audio Recorder submenu;
  • click the button with the layers in the upper corner on the left;
select layers in GarageBand
  • deactivate the metronome by clicking on the key where it is drawn;
  • press the + key to the right of the record track;
  • in the “Song Section” window that appears, select “Section A” and turn on “Auto”:
Enable auto-length section in GarageBand
  • click the loop icon on the right side of the top of the monitor and select “Music;
  • find the song you want to make a ringtones from, click on it, and transfer it to the track in the main program screen;
  • click on the transferred track to activate the editing mode;
  • change the duration of the song by moving the edges of the beginning and the end of the audio. Remember that the duration of the ringtone can be only thirty seconds. To make it easier to create a ringtone, you can zoom in on the track by stretching it with two fingers;
  • After creating a ringtone, click on the triangle in the upper corner on the left side;
  • click on the created audio and press “Share” → “Ringtone”, you should write the name of the melody and finish the operation by pressing export.

You can set the resulting file in the settings menu, in the sub-item sounds. I’ve told you all the ways how to set a ringtone on iPhone with or without a PC. And what option do you use? Maybe you know some other one, share your thoughts in the comments.

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