How to set up a hotspot on your Android phone: how to create and enable, modify and how to use

Internet access is one of the most important services provided to users around the world. However, the connection speed is often limited by the allocated amount of traffic. And, when you are in the company of friends, there may be a situation where one of you cannot connect to the network. In order for everyone to be able to go online, you need to figure out how to set up an access point on your Android phone.

Wi-Fi hotspot

Wi-Fi hotspot (AP) settings involve distributing mobile Internet from one smartphone to another using a wireless Wi-Fi network. In this case, the sharing device acts as a router.


To enable sharing, you will need:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Go to the “Data Transfer” section.


  • Activate the mobile Internet, if this has not been done before.
  • Go back one step.
  • Open the “Network” tab and then “Modem and hotspot”.
  • Activate the Wi-Fi connection.


There will also be other settings that may be needed when connecting. For example, the name of the distributing smartphone in the network and the password for pairing. You can always change the default settings.

When the configuration is done, you can safely move on to the process of connection. Here everything is simple, because a person deprived of mobile Internet will only need to activate the Wi-Fi, select your phone in the list of presented connections, and connect, using the previously created password.

How to create a Bluetooth hotspot

Internet traffic is distributed not only through Wi-Fi, but also through other interfaces. In particular, you can make an AP through the Bluetooth wireless interface. However, in this case both the range and the connection speed will be seriously limited. After all, Bluetooth is designed for other purposes. But if you have no alternative connection options, it makes sense to use Bluetooth, according to the following instructions:

  • Activate Bluetooth on both devices.
  • Open the settings of the giving phone.
  • Go to “Network” and then alternately open the “Access Point” and “Bluetooth modem” tabs.
  • Turn on the giveaway.


Now it remains to open the options of the receiving device to find the giving smartphone in the list of available Bluetooth connections. Simply tap on the name of the “giver”, enter the password and surf the Internet.

Connecting as a USB modem

If we consider the alternatives, which do not use Wi-Fi, but at the same time guarantee a high speed connection, then the only sure way is to connect via USB. In addition to a certain change of settings, a USB cable is required here.

Important. Only compatible devices will be able to share Internet traffic in this way. This can be a PC or a smartphone with OTG support. In the second case, by the way, you will need to buy an adapter from USB-A to the phone jack.

Now about the parameters. The instructions here look the same as in the case of the other variants of distribution:

  • Open the AP options.


  • Go to the “USB modem” section.


  • Activate the connection.
  • Connect the receiving device to the smartphone that is giving out, using the USB cable and associated adapters if necessary.


Now you shouldn’t have any problems getting to the Internet. A wired connection provides high speed, but is also somewhat limited by the version of the USB port. However, even USB 2.0 is faster than high-speed Internet and even more so Bluetooth connection, which is inferior to the listed options.

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