How to set up remote computer access via the Internet in Teamviewer?

Setting up remote access to your computer using Teamviewer

Hello all! As a “people’s assistant” I often have to solve some users’ problems remotely. To do that I need to set up remote access to a computer via the Internet. The best option in these situations is the program Teamviewer 12 (or another version). Now I will tell you about the configuration of this application.

Software from the “must-have” category

The main advantage of this utility is that it is free (assuming non-commercial use). Its usefulness is off the charts! It allows you to not only manage other PCs, but also transfer files “with an easy move of your hand”.

A little clarification! To avoid conflicts between connected devices, it is recommended to use the same version of Teamweaver.

I would not say that all users need this software, but it is better to have it installed, because there are different situations in life. For example, recently a friend of mine, who knows Windows quite well, received an interesting error message on his desktop. He had never encountered such a message before and hadn’t found any answers on the Internet, so I asked him to download and install Teamviewer on his computer so that I could see the picture with my own eyes.

The area of application is not limited to this. Many office and other employees can remotely connect to the workplace without leaving home (for example, if they get sick and can’t come to work).

Let’s move on from theory to practice.


  • First you need to go to the official website and download Teamviewer 12 for free in Russian;
  • A window will load with the following content (current as of early December 2016):
Teamviewer main resource page
  • Just click on the big “Download…” button. Although, in advance you can familiarize yourself with the advantages of the new version, read the developers’ blog, ask questions to the technical support service, etc;
  • Launch the downloaded file by double-clicking the left mouse button. After a few seconds the installation process will start. At one of the steps you will need to check the boxes correctly in order to use the product for free:
Teamviewer Setup Wizard
  • The installation procedure will take a maximum of 1 minute. At the end an information window with two pages will be displayed. A guide to the interface, so to speak:
Window 1 - description of the Teamviewer connection process
How to create a Teamviewer conference
  • Once you are familiar with all the nuances, click on the “cross” to close and move on to using the program.

The installation is now taken care of. Now let’s move on to more interesting things!


Now you will learn how to connect to another computer through Teamviewer. After opening the program, you will see the following picture:

Teamviewer user ID and password

On the left you see your unique ID, which you can give to other people to add you to their contacts, if necessary. A little lower is your password – without it, unauthorized users will not have access to control your PC.

You can change the value of the password, but it is recommended to choose a difficult combination. After all, it’s about data security.

On the right there is a field for entering a partner ID, where you should enter the unique “number” of the person you want to connect to. In addition, among the options for interaction there is a “file transfer”. After selecting the desired mode, click on the big blue button to connect:

Connecting to a TeamWeaver partner

You will immediately be asked to enter the remote user’s password:

Enter remote PC password

If Teamviewer does not connect to a partner, most likely

  • His computer is turned off;
  • he program is not running;
  • Your password or identifier is wrong;
  • the versions of your applications don’t match (remember, I mentioned that above?).

Was everything successful? You should now see a new window on your screen that shows the remote computer’s desktop. At the top will be a work panel with some useful tools.

File Transfer

By clicking on the “Advanced Features” item on the above-mentioned panel, you can select the file transfer mode:

After clicking on this button, you’ll see a file manager consisting of a couple of panels. The one on the left shows your system, and the one on the right shows your partner system. Simply select the items on your drive and send them:

Window for sending files to a remote PC

Quite a useful feature, don’t you think?

How to connect via Teamweaver to a remote “comrade”, we have figured out. Any questions – write in the comments.

Regards, Victor!


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