How to share wifi with a command line – create an access point

How to broadcast wifi with the command line

Did you know that you can turn your laptop into a hotspot? In this publication I will tell you how to give out wi-fi through a command line, so that other devices (phones, tablets) can use a public “Internet”.

You do not need any programs!

This way is the easiest and does not require installing external software – it is sufficient to use the built-in tools of Windows 10 (or any other version). For this purpose, we need a command line utility. All the ways to run it can be found here.

  • First we need to open the list of all available connections that are present on your PC. The easiest way to do this is to use the “Run” console, which you can do by pressing Win + R . Then we need to enter the following command:


  • After opening the window with the connections, find “Wireless” and right-click on it to bring up a menu. There will be “Properties”:
Wireless Properties
  • Another window will appear, where you should go to the “Access” tab and check all the blank fields with options to make it look like this:
network access permission
  • You may see a warning about changing the IP address and sharing. We agree by clicking on Yes.
  • Then we move on to a more detailed consideration of the issue.

How to give out wifi through the command line

  • If you use Windows 7, then the CMD utility can be called by searching, but be sure to run with administrator privileges:
Start cmd as admin
  • For Windows 10, it is easier to press Win + X and click on the appropriate menu item:
Windows 10 Command Prompt

Note that new versions of “10” have removed this option, replacing it with the PowerShell console. But you can easily find the right utility through a search by entering the query “CMD”:

Running the command line in Windows 10
  • Now copy the command (highlight it and press Ctrl + C on your keyboard):

netsh wlan show drivers

  • To paste, just right click and then press Enter.
  • The process will take a few seconds and then you will see the information you need. We are interested in the “Network Support” line. The value on the right should be “yes”:
Command to define network capabilities

If it’s empty or “no”, you should try to update the driver Wireless Module driver through the Device Manager.

  • The next step is very important, because now we are going to “turn” the computer into a router. To do this, paste the code in the console window (copy it again):

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = "ittehnik" key = "ittehnikru"

You can enter your own values inside the SSID, KEY brackets. The first is the name of the network, the second is the network access code (at least 8 characters). I used the name of my site as an example.

  • Finally, we start the created network with the command:

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

If you want to stop it afterwards, just replace “start” with “stop” in the previous line of code:

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

  • The last element of “give away wifi via command line”: just open the list of connections (see the beginning of the instructions) and you’ll see the new connection named “ittehnik” (in my case). Go to properties, then – tab “Access” and put ticks in the empty fields:
Presenting access to the new network

Done! After these manipulations it is real to turn your computer with Windows 10 (any other OS Myskrosoft) in a full-fledged access point.

Now you know how to give out WIFI through the command line, without resorting to the use of unnecessary programs.

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