How to subscribe to a channel, person and group in Telegram: ways for different gadgets

Users of the messenger must know how to subscribe to a chat, group or channel in Telegram. After all, the application gives its subscribers the opportunity not only to communicate, but also to read interesting information, listen to music, view photos and videos. Subscribing will help not to lose sight of a particular community and always be aware of the latest news.

How to choose the right Telegram resource for subscription

Telegram users on the platform of their favorite application can create any thematic community or author blog. Publications in the messenger come in public and private. Open groups and chats are freely accessible. The complete list of publications is available in the directories of Telegram, for example, at @CatalogTelegram, @chagram, @openbusines. Bots that know all about communities can give you a tour of the app (@SearcheeBot, @TGRobots, @botcollection).


Information about the channels created in the messenger can be found on the Internet. For example, the sites and sort publications by category, show the number of subscribers and statistics. Before subscribing to Telegram blogs, you need to decide on the topic of interest.

The main categories of Telegram publications are:

  • news;
  • politics;
  • music;
  • humor and entertainment;
  • travel;
  • psychology;
  • sales;
  • business and startups;
  • smartphones, and others.


The name of the selected group or chat room should be entered in the search bar of the messenger. The names of communities and blogs listed in the directory have Latin characters, and are necessarily preceded by the “@” sign. You can randomly write in the search line a word in Russian. For example, “music”, “news” or “Moscow chat”. Available communities will appear in the list of contacts, and you can subscribe to them.

Telegram also has private chats and channels. Such communities and dialogs are not displayed in the main window of the messenger. You can join a private group only through a link. The invitation is generated and sent by the content creator.

How to subscribe in Telegram

If the user has found an interesting publication, he can subscribe, that is, become a regular reader of the content. It is allowed to subscribe to any public community or open chat. To join a private chat, you can only join by invitation. For a specific person you can’t subscribe. But it is allowed to add the subscriber to the contact list.

To a person

How to add a contact to your Telegram contact list

  • click on the person’s nickname or photo in the chat;


  • the user’s account and phone number will open;
  • add the phone number of the person to your contact list.


How to add a person who has not entered a phone number to your Telegram contact list:

  • click on the user’s nickname or photo;
  • write a message to him or her;
  • save the conversation to the list of chats.

To the group

How to subscribe to a public Telegram group:

  • enter the name of the group into the search box;


  • click on the result;


  • expand all publications of the found community in the main application window;
  • Find “Join a group” or “Join a group” (located at the bottom of the screen);


  • subscribe to the group.

To a channel

How to subscribe to a public Telegram channel:

  • enter the name of the channel into the search box;
  • click on the result;
  • expand all blog publications in the main messenger window;
  • find ‘Subscribe’ (at the bottom of the screen);
  • subscribe.

Deactivating notifications

If you become a subscriber of a selected community or blog, you will start getting notifications about new posts. Notifications will be displayed in the list of active contacts. Some messenger users publish several posts per day. You are allowed to postpone reading the posts for later. You can even turn off the notifications that notify you of new entries each time.

In the PC app

How to turn off notifications in the PC version of Telegram:

  • Go to a chat, channel, or group;
  • open group information;


  • find Notifications;


  • activate the “Turn off” option.

In the mobile app.

How to turn off notifications in Telegram on your smartphone:

  • enter any chat, channel or group;
  • open the information on the publication;


  • find the “Notifications” option;


  • activate the “Disable” mode.

Possible problems when subscribing

Usually subscribing to a favorite blog or community on Telegram is done in a few clicks. However, sometimes difficulties may arise. For example, the channel found in the directory cannot be found in Telegram. Most likely, such content has been deleted by the creator or blocked by the administrator. Deleted or blocked posts cannot be read. It’s also impossible to subscribe to a community that doesn’t exist.

The most frequent confusion arises regarding private Telegram channels. Creators of closed blogs send their acquaintances links to enter. Sometimes the authors of communities leave such invitations on various social platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, VKontakte. The link may eventually become irrelevant. After all, the creator of the channel at any time can delete the account with all the content. Using an inactive link, it will not be possible to subscribe to the channel.


Telegram users should know that there are limits set by the rules in the messenger. The client of the application can subscribe to a maximum of 500 groups and channels. The subscriber is allowed to create no more than 10 public blogs and communities. A user can become a subscriber of a group only if the number of participants does not exceed the specified limit (as a rule, 200 thousand people). The entries published on public channels can be read without a subscription.

If your personal limit is exhausted and it is impossible to see the publications in Telegram without subscribing, it is recommended that you unsubscribe from some communities. You can deactivate the subscription in the same menu in which it was enabled. It is advisable not to overload the contact list with information. From time to time it is recommended to clear the active window from unnecessary data.

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