How to take a screenshot on your iPhone

How to take a screenshot on iPhone

If you are the happy owner of the “apple” gadget, you probably had the need to take a screenshot from the phone monitor. In such cases, the question arises sharply – how to make a screenshot on the iPhone. For what it may be necessary? For example, you need to leave a copy of important data taken from the Internet, or to send a piece of an article of interest. Now I will talk about all the subtleties of this procedure.

How to take a screenshot of the iPhone display

You can get a screenshot on your iPhone in one of two ways:


  • Screenshot with a button;
  • Without using it.

In the first case, you have to press two keys at once. The first of them is Home (a round-shaped button on the front element of the device housing). Then we press the lock key, located in the upper part of the case. This simple “duo” helps to take a screenshot of the process displayed at that particular moment on the screen. The system automatically saves the screenshot in a photo folder. The important thing to remember here:

  • You should not hold the two buttons pressed, so there is a risk of performing a “hard” reboot of the device.
  • By taking a screenshot with the button, you will get a photo of the whole screen, not a specific part of it. If you need to “capture” a piece of the monitor, it is better to connect a specialized utility or a built-in photo editor to the case.
iPhone Buttons for screenshots

The second option will be needed if the lock button does not “function”, or for some reason so do not want to do the image. Carry out the activation of the option “AssistiveTouch”. To do this you will need to:

  • Open the main settings;
  • Go to the “Universal access” section;
  • In the second block with “Motor and physiology” you will find the right line.

After activating the toggle switch a transparent round key appears on the screen, click on it and choose “machine” and “more” from the menu that pops up, then just click on “screenshot”.

Activating AssistiveTouch

The round button that appears on the screen is easy to move to different places. It will allow the owner of the mobile gadget to click on “Home” without pressing the other available keys of the iPhone, that is – exclusively on the display. If he can’t do the hardware lock, change the volume indicator – touchscreen developments come to the rescue.

Button to take a screenshot of your iPhone

It is possible to take a screenshot even if some program is already functioning or the camera is engaged at the time of shooting.

Often, after the procedure, you need to send someone the created image or share it on social networks. In such cases, you will need to edit it, and there are numerous applications for this. One of them is Screenshot Maker Pro. With this program it’s easy to resize photos, erase or add effects, and frame them in a way that resembles an iPhone panel.

Screenshot Maker pro

This software is English-language, but has a simple and accessible interface. The opportunity to pay, but twice a day functionality is realistic to use “for free”. A normal user will be happy with it.

The subtleties of creating a photo of the iPhone screen

Any user of the device from Apple will be able to take a picture, but it is worth talking about some nuances.

  • The system identifies all printscreens as photos, so that the screenshot will instantly appear in the gallery;
  • On the “firstborn” iPhone there was no option for a screenshot, although it is difficult to find such a user today, unless the agragat is stored as a rarity;
  • During the procedure of synchronization of the smartphone with the computer, the created screenshot (one or more) will go to all the devices connected to the account.

Here we learned how to take a screenshot on the iPhone. The developers immediately took care of the users of “apple” gadgets and allowed to choose what is more convenient. If for some reason the keys do not work, use an additional application. And what is the most convenient way for you? I’m waiting for your comments.

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