How to Tie the Card to the NFC in the Phone for Contactless Payment

How to tie the card to the phone nfc

NFC (Near Field Communication) is the most popular contactless payment technology. By downloading and setting up NFC you get an opportunity to pay your bills instantly. The system has a limited range so the fraudsters won’t be able to get hold of your personal data. Literally, the acronym translates as follows: “short range communication”, and the name fully justifies the real action of the system.

Before you start using the NFS-system we recommend you to read the instruction on how to attach a bank card. From it you will learn about NFS, what the peculiarities of connection and quality settings of the technology on your smartphone are. We wish you a pleasant reading!

NFC in the phone

What is contactless payment

What is contactless payment

NFS technology was developed back in 2004, but the system has been continually improved as experts set out to create an indispensable and reliable system that would fit most devices.

The option combines two main elements:

  • bluetooth with short-range capability;
  • bank card. 

Both elements are synchronized and work inseparably. An improved system allowed the NFC to be placed inside a small chip with a distinctive sign.

The essence of NFC

The essence of NFC

The essence of the system is the operation of a special chip. It is installed inside the cell phone for the purpose of transferring information. But users must fulfill the condition that the devices are in close proximity to each other when transferring. Then the transmission speed reaches 1-2 seconds. The signal is limited in range, the crooks operating in this area will not be able to harm you and steal personal data. Read more What is NFC on a smartphone.

How it works

How does NFC work

You can install and use the module in several cases:

  • file and data transfer to a phone located 10 cm from the main source;
  • Contactless payment of bills and purchases.

These functions are enough to use NFC. The work is done quickly and does not require entering numerous passwords and pin codes. We also did review of the best smartwatch models with nfc module.

Pros of

Advantages of NFC

Speaking about the advantages of the NFC system, it is worth paying attention to several important points:

  • convenience and ease of use of the system on devices;
  • compactness – you do not have to carry a huge amount of documents, cables and cards, the work is carried out thanks to the built-in chip;
  • Most of the latest generation cell phones support the NFS function;
  • data transfer in seconds;
  • security, because the system operates at a short distance.

Which cards have NFC function

What cards have NFC function

There are many cards marked NFS. For example, virtual and gift cards, as well as debit and credit cards that support popular international payment systems Visa, Mastercard and Maestro. Major banks tend to activate the feature, so when you receive your card after reissuance, you can be sure that the NFS chip is already installed inside it.

Available payment systems

Payments are made after downloading and installing the application. Through it you link your card, and use it in contactless payment for purchases and services.

Android Pay

Android Pay

The application is used on phones that support the Android operating system. You can download the official app from Play Market or through a direct link from the developer’s official website. Go to the application and select the menu with the cards. Add a card, secure it by specifying the details. There are two ways to enter details – manually or by scanning. Be warned: before you start using the application, be sure to set password on your phone – digital or graphical.

During the card linking, a small amount of money is reserved from you. After entering the confirmation code, the funds will be immediately returned to your account. This is done as a part of prevention of possible fraudulent operations and interventions. Notice a foreign code that came to your phone, but you did not act – check the presence of all the cards in your wallet. See also Rating of the best apps to get cashback from checks.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

If you have an iPhone, the feature is activated with the Wallet app. Download and launch the software and enter your card information manually or by scanning it. The successful activation of the card and loading it into the system is signaled by a text message. By the way, in the application you can store airline and train tickets. The function is convenient and helps not to forget about the upcoming flight, trip and availability of necessary documents.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay

Another popular service from the Samsung brand. It is already built into the phone system, you need to download information about the card and activate it. At the moment, the service works with MasterCard cards issued by Sberbank. This is an answer to popular questions “How to tie Sberbank card to NFC phone?” and “How to tie MIR card to NFC?”.

Connection and setting up

You should start setting up the system by clarifying whether NFC is built into your phone. If there is a distinctive icon on your phone, go ahead.

Checking compatibility

Checking compatibility

Sometimes the abbreviation and the NFS icon are missing on the cover, but there is an option for additional troubleshooting. For example, go to settings and select Wireless Networks. Next, click the More tab in the menu and look for the NFC icon. Next to the function, click on the slider and move it to the right. The absence of the function indicates a lack of support from the OS. Other apps won’t help make NFC available because the work is done by the chip.

How to configure

How to set it up

In the settings, find the NFS feature and select the device you want to communicate with. In just a couple of moves, accomplish this task – just use the top menu with quick settings by tapping on NFC. If you own an iPhone or an iPad, you will hardly need this information. The developers guarantee automatic network activation as soon as the device is turned on.

Connecting via Sber Online

Download the application Sberbank Online should be from Play Market. Install the program and register your Sberbank card. In the settings you will find detailed information about how the system works and how to connect NFS through the application. Add a card, complete the registration and confirm your rights to the provided card. In case of reissuing the card number will change, accordingly it must also be changed in the application.

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