How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone: how to transfer and 20 ways to export

When switching from Android smartphone to Apple iPhone every user can face a number of difficulties, caused by the peculiarities of the operating systems. The developers of the OS are jealous of each other, and therefore try to do everything possible to ensure that the person stays with their device. If you are planning to switch from Android to iOS, then you should definitely understand how to transfer contacts from Android phone to iPhone, otherwise you will have to rewrite the numbers manually.

Preparing for the transfer

Despite the fact that the process of switching from one operating system is not dangerous for user data, you need to prepare for it carefully. First, it is recommended to charge both devices (old and new) to 100%, since during the transfer this will lose more than one percent of the energy.


Also, make sure that the internal memory of the Apple iPhone is sufficient to store the information obtained from the Android smartphone. If all the formalities are met, you can move on to the procedure for transferring contacts.

Ways to copy contacts from Android

There are a huge number of options that allow you to transfer numbers from one device to another. Conventionally, they can be divided into two categories:

  • transfer with the help of special programs;
  • manual copying.

Methods that belong to the first category are preferable, because they automate the transition process. But sometimes manual copying is more appropriate. For example, when you need to transfer not all contacts, but separate numbers.


By means of programs

First, let’s consider the principle of transferring using special programs. Since many of the applications considered below are very similar to each other, the instructions will not always be presented. But you can always use the algorithm from the previous program, as it is highly likely to be identical.

Move to iOS

This is an official Apple app designed to make the transition from Android to iOS as easy and seamless as possible. You only need to install the software on your Android smartphone, because your iPhone already has everything you need. To transfer contacts, you will need:

  • Turn on the new iPhone.


  • At the “Programs and data” stage, select the “Move data from Android” option.


  • Launch the Move to iOS app on your Android smartphone and click “Continue” and then “Search for a code.”


  • Enter the code that appears on the Apple iPhone screen.

  • Select “Contacts” as the transfer information.


The numbers will be automatically downloaded to the iPhone, and you will not have to rewrite them manually. But in addition to contacts, it is recommended to transfer other data, including photos, videos and applications. All this, too, allows you to do Move to iOS. The main thing is to choose the right data to transfer.

Phone switch

There are also third-party apps that make it easy to get things done. One of them is “Phone Switch” or Smart Switch. The program is available for free download through the Play Market and App Store.

Yes, unlike Move to iOS, the app requires a pre-installation on your iPhone. But it allows you to move contacts after the fact, that is, after you have gone through the initial stage of setting up the gadget. The principle of action here is not different. Just run the program on both smartphones and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.


Copy My Data

A similar program, available on both Android and iOS. Copy My Data allows you to transfer any data, be it photos or notes. Also among the options presented within the application is the transfer of the list of subscribers of their phone book.

As with Smart Switch, the program must be installed on both devices. Then one smartphone (Android) is assigned the status of “Sender”, and the other (iOS) – “Recipient”. By setting up the pairing according to the instructions provided inside the program, you will transfer all the numbers in just a couple of minutes.


MobileTrans .

When switching from Android to iOS, many users face the inability to download chats from WhatsApp. MobileTrans solves this problem by allowing you to transfer not only numbers from your subscriber list, but also your messenger account. The application works the same way as the programs we told you about earlier. Therefore, you will not encounter difficulties in setting up the pairing.



Unlike the other reviewed programs, this is not a new phone setup assistant, but an app for quick file sharing between devices. SHAREit is suitable if you do not want to transfer all the data, but only individual numbers. To do this, you will need:

  • Connect both devices to the same network and start SHAREit by installing it through the app store.
  • Tap the “Send” button on your Android smartphone and select the files to transfer (in our case, Contacts).
  • Tap the radar icon to locate devices nearby.
  • Select your iPhone as the recipient, and on the Apple device itself, tap the “Connect to Android” button.
  • Tap the “Receive” button.

screenshot_5 screenshot_6

If everything is done correctly, in a few seconds the list of callers will be in the phonebook on the new Apple iPhone. In case of problems, it is recommended that you seek help with alternative transfer options.

Xender .

Another app that allows you to synchronize contacts by transferring them from one smartphone to another. Xender works on the same principle as SHAREit. That is, you need to set up a pairing between the devices, connecting them to the same Wi-Fi network, and then – to transfer the necessary files in the face of the contact list.



This program also allows you to transfer contacts and other files. At the same time it is not necessary to transfer large amounts of data, as an important role in setting up the pairing will play the speed of the Internet. If the list of numbers will be transferred in a few seconds, it may take 2-3 hours to send multimedia files.


Send Anywhere

Another app for sharing data over Wi-Fi, available on both Android and iPhone. The program is available for free download through the Play Market and App Store. Send Anywhere is characterized by enhanced data encryption, which allows you to consider the prog as a reliable intermediary for the transfer of contacts and other important information.


AirDroid .

Finally, if you need to transfer numbers, you can turn to the help of AirDroid. This is another universal program available both on the Play Store and the App Store. The application is free and has a lot of additional features, including screen mirroring. However. Recently, users have complained about periodic crashes when using AirDroid, so this program should be considered only as a backup option.



Applications allow you to automate the number porting process, but sometimes users do not want to bother with installing additional software. Therefore, we suggest considering manual transfer of contacts and other data separately.

Via PC

It is possible to transfer contacts and other files using a computer, which in this case acts as an intermediary. To do this you will need:

  • Connect the Android smartphone to the PC, using a USB cable.


  • Transfer a VCF file with contacts.


  • Install iTunes on your computer and authenticate to the program using your iPhone’s Apple ID.


  • Connect the iPhone to the PC via USB cable.


  • Move the file with the numbers to any directory.


You’ll probably have a question, how to put all numbers in a separate file. This is done through the settings of the application “Contacts” on Android-smartphone, where there is an option of importing the list of subscribers. This topic will be discussed in more detail in the corresponding paragraph of the material, which is waiting for you next.

Cloud services

If you find the connection to your computer inconvenient because you need to install iTunes and use a USB cable, you can do something more rational. So, it is suggested to turn to the help of cloud services, whether it be Google Drive or Yandex.Disk. In all cases, the following instructions will be relevant:

  • Create a VCF file with contacts.
  • Install the cloud service application on both smartphones or visit the official site.


  • Authorize or register.
  • On your Android smartphone, select the “Download” option and then select the contact file.
  • Authorize on your iPhone and download the VCF file.


Despite the fact that the vast majority of cloud services have a limit on the amount of uploaded data, this will not prevent the transfer of contacts, as they occupy very little space.

Direct transfer between devices

Unfortunately, the direct data transfer from Android to iOS is possible only with the use of special programs. Bluetooth will not work, so it is recommended to install an application like Instashare. With its help you can quickly transfer VCF-file with numbers wirelessly via Wi-Fi.


Transferring via router or access point

In general, this option is a copy of the previous one, as it involves using third-party software and connecting both devices to the same Wi-Fi network. However, you can do something a little different by creating your own access point. The SHAREit app and other analogues available in the Play Market and App Store can help you do this. When setting up the connection, you’ll need to scan the QR code, and then select the type of files you want to transfer.


Google Sync

A more convenient variant of numbers transfer is seen as synchronization with Google services, which include Google Contacts. If set up correctly, the numbers are automatically uploaded to the cloud and can be opened on any device, be it another Android, iPhone or computer.

First, you need to make sure you have Google sync set up on your Android:

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Go to “Accounts.”
  • Select your Google account.
  • Through the “three dots,” click “Sync.”


Next, all that’s left to do is authorize on your iPhone by following these instructions:

  • Open the device settings.
  • Go to “Mail, Addresses, Calendars”.
  • Select “Google” and authenticate.
  • Click the “Synchronize” button.


If everything is done correctly, the numbers will automatically appear in your address book. Remember that you can also see the list of subscribers on the official page of the service, located at

Using the VCF-file

One of the important conditions for the transfer of contacts is to create a VCF file on your Android device beforehand:

  • Launch the Contacts app.
  • Open the advanced menu by pressing the three dots button.
  • Select the option “Import and export” and then “Export to VCF file”.


Next, you need to move the resulting file to your iPhone in any convenient way. Previously, for example, we suggested using a computer or cloud storage. After the VCF file is on the phone, you need to make a few simple steps:

  • Open the file.
  • Press the “Create new contacts” button.
  • If some numbers are repeated, select the “Merge with contacts” option.


Note that the ways of transferring a VCF file are not limited to using a computer or cloud services as intermediaries. There are alternative options, which we will describe in the following paragraphs of this article.

Via SIM-card

The simplest and most proven option is to move numbers using a SIM card. This is the best way for those who plan to completely switch from Android to iOS. In that case, you just need to insert the SIM card into your new phone.

If the default numbers are saved in the Android smartphone’s memory, you need to go through a preparatory step:

  • Launch the Contacts app.
  • Through the “three dots” select the option “Import and export”, and then – “Export contacts to SIM-card”.
  • Confirm the operation.


You can do the same on your iPhone if you want to use the numbers independently of the SIM card. In this case, the “Import” option is used, which allows you to copy contacts from an external carrier to the internal storage of the device.


If you have created a VCF file, you can send it to your iPhone via any messenger. However, in the case of Viber and WhatsApp, this option works only if the recipient is not you, but another person. If you need to send a file to yourself, use the messenger Telegram:

  • Click “Send” by highlighting the VCF file in Android’s File Explorer.
  • Select “Telegram” as the sending method and “Favorites” as the recipient.
  • Sign in to Telegram on your iPhone.
  • Go to “Favorites” and download the VCF file.


After downloading the file, all that’s left to do is import contacts through your notebook. We’ve talked about how to do this before.


Outlook is Microsoft’s proprietary service for handling contacts. You can export numbers to Microsoft servers simply by setting up synchronization. To do this, you need to create an account in the Outlook system, register it on your Android smartphone, and press the “Sync” button, as you did with Google Sync. Then it remains to do the same thing on your iPhone.



You can use Gmail as an intermediary when transferring a VCF file from Android to Apple iPhone:

  • Open the email service app.
  • Tap the “Write Email” button.
  • Tap on the file attachment icon and select the VCF file.
  • Select the recipient and tap the “Send” button.


On the phone, just launch the same Gmail app, or visit the official Gmail website, and then open the VCF file and confirm the import of your contacts.

Upload using iTunes

This is another way to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone via computer. But in this case it is suggested to use not “Explorer”, but the program iTunes, which must be pre-installed on the PC:

  • Connect the Android smartphone to the PC using a USB cable.
  • Place the previously created VCF file in a separate folder.
  • Connect your iPhone to the PC.
  • Run iTunes.
  • In the Settings tab, select the folder where the contacts file is located.
  • Press the “Synchronize” button.


If the operation is performed correctly, the numbers will be automatically loaded into your address book. If this does not happen, it makes sense to try to import them yourself by opening a VCF file.

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