How to transfer SMS from Android to Android: how to copy and transfer messages

For the average user, replacing a smartphone causes a lot of difficulties. In particular, due to the fact that he has to spend a lot of time on transferring information from the old device to the new one. And although there are no problems with copying multimedia files like photos and videos, not everyone knows how to transfer SMS from one Android phone to another Android. It is possible to perform the operation in different ways, and below we will consider each option in detail.

Copying via SIM-card

Perhaps the easiest method of transfer is to use a SIM card. This is a compact carrier that is used not only for the purpose of making calls, but also for the purpose of storing information.


So the first thing to do is to transfer a message or all SMS to the SIM memory:

  • Launch the Messages app.
  • Open Chat.
  • Hold your finger on the desired text message.


  • Press the “More” button (it may also be called “More”).


  • Select the “Save to SIM card” option.


The same operation should be done with all SMS that you plan to transfer. It will be more convenient to allocate not individual messages, but full chats.


And here it may seem that now it’s just a matter of inserting the SIM card into the new phone. However, SMS will not transfer itself. They need to be downloaded by following the instructions:

  • Launch the “Messages” application on the new device.


  • Open settings by pressing the gear button.
  • Go to “Advanced settings” and then to “Manage messages on SIM card”.


  • Highlight the SMS you want.
  • Press the “More” button.


  • Select the “Add to Phone Memory” option.


Names of menu items may differ depending on the manufacturer and model of the device. Therefore, do not take the above instructions as universal. Carefully examine the interface of your texting application and select the appropriate option.

Built-in applications

You can also copy SMS with the help of programs that are created by smartphone manufacturers. In particular, you can meet the following applications:

  • Smart Switch (Samsung);
  • Transfer Tool (HTC);
  • Mi Drop (Xiaomi) and others.


Despite the fact that these applications are created by different manufacturers, they work on all smartphones. Also all the programs under consideration have a similar algorithm of actions. Let’s consider the porting principle using Smart Switch as an example:

  • Install the software on both devices.
  • Issue all the necessary permissions.
  • On the old phone, select the “Wi-Fi” option and then “Send” and “Android”.


  • Mark the data you want to copy (we will be interested in “Messages”).
  • Press the “Transfer” button.
  • On the new smartphone, select the “Receive” option and point your camera at the QR code that appeared on the screen of the old gadget.
  • Confirm the pairing and wait until the data transfer is complete.

Of course, Smart Switch and similar programs can be used to transfer other data. So you can go beyond texting. Finally, Wi-Fi transfer isn’t the only way to pair, either. Programs may also offer USB connections and other options.

SMS Backup&Restore

Not only smartphone manufacturers are developing software for transferring SMS to the new phone, but also third-party studios. You can use a handy program SMS Backup&Restore from the developers of SyncTech Pty Ltd:

  • Using Play Market, install the walkthrough on your old smartphone.
  • Launch the app.


  • Tap the “Backup&Restore” button.


  • Activate the switch next to “SMS messages.”


  • Click “Next”.


  • Select the method of saving (we recommend using the In Phone option).


  • Press the “Archive now” button.


Next, you need to transfer the backup to the new device (the copy file is stored in the “SMSBackupRestore” folder). You can use Bluetooth, messengers and other options for this. Once you’ve dumped the data, follow the instructions:

  • Install SMS Backup&Restore on the new device.
  • Transfer backup file to “SMSBackupRestore” folder.
  • Launch the application.


  • Open the additional menu by pressing the button in the form of three bars.
  • Go to “Restore”.


  • Select the “Local backup storage” option.


  • Click the “Restore” button.
  • Launch the standard “Message” application.


  • A notification from SMS Backup&Restore should appear at the top of the screen. Tap the “Configure” button next to it.
  • Confirm the configuration change.


If everything is done correctly, SMS messages from the old device will be displayed on the old device. If you encounter problems, please read the instructions again and follow the algorithm exactly.

Easy Backup & Restore

Easy Backup & Restore is another program for transferring SMS messages. The principle of interaction here is the same as in the case of SMS Backup & Restore, so we will not dwell on it in detail. Just confirm the saving of a message backup and restore it on the new device using the previous instruction.


Synchronizing using a computer

Finally, you can use your computer as an intermediary for texting. That is, the encrypted messages are first transferred to the PC from the old phone, and then copied to the new gadget in the same way. Below we will tell you about three ways of transfer.

MyPhoneExplorer .

This is a software that you need to install on both the phone and PC. After installation, export SMS to the PC by connecting the smartphone to the computer via USB cable or Wi-Fi. Then you only have to do the same, but in reverse order, using the new device.


MOBILedit Forensic Express

A similar program that allows you to transfer messages and other data. The principle of interaction here is similar. Simply install the application on all devices participating in the chain and then follow the instruction that appears on the screen when you start it.


Via Bluetooth

This is an option for those who were not able to install Easy Backup & Restore on a new smartphone. Using a special program, create a message backup file, and then transfer it to your computer via Bluetooth (you can use other options). Then it remains to transfer the backup file in any convenient way from your PC to the new phone.

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