How to trim video on your Android phone: 2 ways and top 13 best programs

The possibilities of modern smartphones are almost limitless. Now on a mobile device you can not only shoot, but also edit videos. So, if your clip was too long, it is important to understand how to trim a video on the phone with the Android operating system. You can do this both with the built-in tools of the smartphone, and with the help of special applications. Below we will consider all existing options and offer detailed instructions.

Through Google Photos

If you want to do without programs from third-party developers, you can use the functionality of the built-in application Google Photos. It is installed on phones by default, since the Android operating system is owned by Google.


The Google Photos application in this context should be considered as an alternative to the “Gallery” from the developers of the smartphone. To crop a video you will need:

  • Run Google Photos. If this is being done for the first time, you will also need to give all the necessary permissions.


  • Select the video you are interested in.
  • Press the edit button (the icon with switches).
  • Adjust the length of the video using the touch sliders by highlighting the desired segment.


  • Press the “Save” button.


As a side note. The trimming function is also available in the built-in application “Gallery” from the smartphone manufacturer (not on all models). The principle of the operation will be similar to that described when considering Google Photos.

After step five, you will have the original video, as well as its cropped copy. You are free to do whatever you want with it. You can share the clip with your friends, or you can edit it again to, for example, stabilize the picture.

In the WhatsApp app

If you, for example, own a “Honor” or “Huawei” smartphone, where Google applications do not work, and the built-in “Gallery” has no video editing function, you can go in a very interesting way. So, if you need to trim a video just to send a trimmed copy to one of your contacts, you can use the WhatsApp functionality:

  • Start the messenger client.


  • Open a chat with the desired contact.


  • Click the attach media button.


  • Select a video.


  • Use the sliders to adjust its length.


  • Click the Send button.


The recipient will not be able to view the entire video, but only a trimmed copy. In addition, the video will also end up in the internal memory of your device. Thus, with WhatsApp, clips are trimmed both for the recipient of the message with the attached media file and for the owner of the device.

Video trimming apps for Android

Anyway, the option with WhatsApp is not the best option, because you have to transfer the video to another person one way or another. Therefore, in the absence of the application from Google, and if you want to try something else, it is recommended to turn to the help of third-party software. More precisely – video editors, which are in abundance in Google Play Market, as well as in other app stores.

AndroVid .

As you have already guessed, this application allows you to cut any fragment from the existing video. The program is a pretty advanced video editor with the ability to overlay music, add text and the presence of other interesting features. However, we are interested in trimming the clip, which is performed according to the following scenario:

  • Launch AndroVid.


  • Allow the application to access the files saved on your device.
  • Open the video of interest.
  • Tap the “Trim” button (the scissor icon).


  • Use the sliders to adjust the clip length and click the check mark.
  • Click the Save button.
  • Select the video quality and confirm saving.


Next, you just have to wait until the video clip processing is complete. Similarly need to act and when using the other discussed in the material programs. They all work on a similar script and therefore do not require a second description of the algorithm.

Important. AndroVid and other similar applications are characterized by the presence of embedded ads. In addition, when the video is saved, a watermark is superimposed on it. To get rid of the disadvantages, you will need to make a paid subscription.

InShot .

This is probably the most popular app that can crop your video. It has already been downloaded over 100 million times, and has been rated by almost 14 million people, giving it an average score of 4.9. And those scores are only from Google Play, and how many other installations of InShot are on other platforms and app stores.


But we are more interested not in the popularity of the program, but in its functionality. From this point of view InShot also gives the competition a head start, allowing not only to trim a video, but also to combine several videos. There is also a function for overlaying music and stickers on the picture itself. Of course, you’ll run into a watermark after saving your finished movie, but you can remove it by making at least one purchase within InShot.

KineMaster .

A decent video editor installed on over 100 million devices. That said, KineMaster has a lower rating than InShot. But that shouldn’t mislead you about the program in question. It does its job perfectly, allowing you to apply one of several dozens of presets (effects), not just to cut the desired segment of the video.


Perhaps the main drawback of KineMaster is that it works only on devices with Android 7 and higher. If your smartphone is based on an older version of the operating system, it is worth looking for an alternative. The same InShot will do, the main requirement of which is the presence of Android 5 and above. But do not limit yourself to just two applications and be sure to pay attention to other interesting applications.

Lomotif .

The app is perfect for editing vertical videos. But, if your video is shot in a horizontal format, you won’t experience any difficulties when interacting with Lomotif either. The app lets you add music, trim and edit clips, and trim to the format you want, whether it’s square or vertical cropping. Be extremely careful when using Lomotif, because by default the resulting video is uploaded to the developers’ servers, which many users complain about.



This application is not called a smart video editor for nothing, because Magisto can turn ordinary videos into works of art without direct user intervention. The program has artificial intelligence that does all the work for you. But if necessary, of course, you can work with your own hands, trimming the desired fragment of the video or imposing the filter you like.


Movavi Clips

The Movavi Video Editor is the most popular application for video clip editing. It’s no coincidence that the program has been highly appreciated by users (4.8 points), as it has the most user-friendly interface with full localization. In addition to trimming, Movavi Clips offers slideshow creation, adding stickers, and slowing down and speeding up video clips.


Movie Maker

When coming up with the name of this application, the developers from VIDEO STUDIO clearly focused on brevity. And the idea was brought to life not only in terms of the name, but also in terms of the interface. However, it did not do without serious bugs. So, the users of the program note the presence of a huge number of ads that are shown not only at the stage of saving the video. In addition, inside there is a bunch of recommendations from other applications, so we can not call Movie Maker the best editor. As one of the alternatives – perhaps.


PowerDirector Video Editor

An application whose developers have taken into account the mistakes of competitors and tried to make the perfect video editor. Experts praised PowerDirector Video Editor, making it their choice in 2021. Users also note the stability of the interface and the presence of all the necessary functions. And the main disadvantage of the program is the imposition of a subscription. And many note that after the trial period of 7 days, the money is still deducted from their personal accounts. Therefore, you should use PowerDirector Video Editor with the proper level of attention.


Video Editor

The developers of the program with such a laconic name managed to integrate not only the function of trimming video clips, but also the possibility of overlaying text and stickers. However, all the same can offer and other applications available for free download. Therefore, although Video Editor is a pretty good representative of video editors, it is still not the best.


VideoShow .

A lightweight and practical application that is quite popular, as it has been installed on more than 100 million devices. In addition to the basic trimming and cropping functions VideoShow allows you to optimize your video, eliminating flaws associated with the appearance of artifacts and problems with light. The advantage of the application is the ability to render video in 4K (60 fps), but to work with movies in high resolution, of course, requires a powerful smartphone.



One of leaders in number of downloads in Google Play, sharing the first place with InShot. Thus VivaVideo does not have such a high estimation of users, as in the case with the application of competitors. However this fact does not mean that a person who has downloaded just VivaVideo loses any functions. All the necessary functions are available, so trimming becomes just one of the stages of video editing. And it’s also important to say that it works even on old devices with Android 5 on board.



Not a bad video editor, the main advantage of which is its simplicity. As the developers claim, even a child can edit videos through WeVideo. So trimming a clip will definitely not cause you any difficulties. But note that the program is not devoid of disadvantages, such as the presence of a watermark and built-in advertising. Disadvantages are eliminated only by a paid subscription.



This application was developed by the same studio that prepared InShot. YouCut is a junior video editor with reduced functionality.

However, this is not a minus, but a plus of this program. After all, you will not have to look for a long time trimming among the available functions, and the final video will not be accompanied by a watermark even when using the free version of the application. In short, YouCut is the optimal tool for those who just need to trim a clip.

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