How to turn off parental controls on your Android phone

родительский контроль
parental control

Parental control on your device ensures that your child gets safe and quality content while using your smartphone. But often the feature needs to be deactivated quickly, because while it is working, access to certain features and platforms is prohibited.

We tell you a few ways to quickly disable parental controls on Android:

  • Google Play (disabling in settings);
  • Family Link;
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids;
  • Rolling back to the original settings;
  • Kids Safe Browser.

Below is detailed information about each method, its features and subtleties. The methods are acceptable for use on different phone models – Honor, Samsung, Xiaomi and many others.

check your child's phone

Google Play (disabling in settings)

Google Play (disabled in settings)

В Google Play Market you can download various programs and update installed applications. In the “Settings” menu. select control and disable it by pulling the slider to the left. The system asks for a PIN code, which parents intend to set when control is turned on. Use the normal settings of the device without restrictions. In the same way you turn on the control, doing the opposite of the specified actions. Moreover, you can reset all the settings and return to the factory settings, but we will talk about this method a little later.

Since Google Market is supported by any Android device, this method is one of the simplest and most accessible. There are no restrictions, it is easy to find the right button. Intuitive and clear controls are combined with the simplicity of the method and variations of enabling and disabling the function as needed. It’s easy to remove or configure in the Marketplace.

Family Link

The standard option is to disable the control directly from the parent smartphone. The peculiarity is that the record will be completely deleted.

To use the option, download the special Family Link app to your device and create a working account:

  • Open the app and select the profile you want to disable from the “Family Group.
  • Select the profile if you want to remove it from parental control.
  • Use “Account Info, click on the menu and tap “Delete account”. We recommend that you read all the results before deleting, some accounts cannot be restored.
  • If you agree with the actions, confirm the account deletion from the system and finish working with the application. The application is also uninstalled from the device because it takes up disk space. 

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids

One of the popular options, favored by parents who set up control of the device through a personal account.

By the way, in the personal account is really very convenient to alternate settings, we will talk about the principles of working with the program on both the child’s phone and the parent’s phone. 

  • Child’s gadget. From the device log in to the program Kaspersky, deactivate it. Uninstall the application, as it takes up a lot of space and leads to the deterioration of the gadget. The control is easily activated when you download the app to your child’s phone again. 
  • Parent Gadget. Deactivate the app directly from the child’s phone and from the parent’s phone. In fact, control and management is done from the parent’s phone, which is convenient and saves time. Authorize in the app using the password and login set up in advance as part of the use of the program. Through the menu “Overview.” go to the home page and select the child’s gadget, turn it off. Find “Use Devices, tap on the special button (shaped like a gear). In the device control line, move the slider to the left, disabling the control.

Reset to factory settings

Reset to default settings

Factory reset is a radical way to do this. You should reset your Android phone to its original settings, and it’s not hard to do. Go to settings and check “Restore and reset.” At the bottom, select “Reset Settings” and click on the button. Then the automatic deletion of data from the device will begin, including the removal of control. But remember: during a factory reset, all data from your device is deleted – applications you use, photos and videos, phone numbers phone numbers and passwords. Prepare and write out your data beforehand so you don’t lose it.

Kids Safe Browser

Kids Safe Browser

The specified web browser has a feature to disable control. From the menu, select “Settings, click on the function “Controls. Log in with your account username and password, uncheck all the drop-down items and close the browser. The parental control deactivation job will be finished. Agree, an easy and fast way that does not require any skills or time!

Many people much more like to work in the browser, because there are most of the settings, controls and extensions, access to files and history of viewed sites. Of course, the browser is used as the main during the education of the child. It has several levels of protection, the developers are constantly improving the system and making it much more convenient.


Kids are on the phone

Parental control is important. In the Internet space there is a huge amount of content, there are files reflecting cruelty, immorality and other unacceptable materials. They have a negative impact on the child’s psyche, and thanks to parental control you will keep your child from inadvertent exposure to such materials.

Of course, the installation of parental control today plays a significant role, because different programs block access to inappropriate content and monitor the child’s activity on the sites of educational and training content. But there are situations when it is necessary to deactivate the parental control function, and users have a lot of questions about which programs and applications to use, which browser to deactivate control with.

We told you about simple and common ways to reset the parental control from Android. Usually the above methods are working, the choice of method depends on the user’s wishes, the level of protection assigned to the child’s device.

Remember that in some cases you can set parental control again, but there are programs that completely deactivate the child’s account.

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