How to unban in Discord on the server: how to block and bypass the mute

There is a place for everyone on the Internet, if everyone respects each other’s rights. Alas, not all users do so. Fortunately, particularly harmful users in some services, such as Discord, can be blocked or “banned” as they say nowadays. But there is a reasonable question how to unblock (unblock) a user in Discord on the server in order to give him a chance to recover. Let’s talk in detail about how to do it.

How to block a person on the Discord server

We do not exclude the possibility that some Discord users have heard about the possibility of blocking for the first time. Therefore, we suggest that you first familiarize yourself with the algorithm of this indispensable function for administrators.


When the owner of the server bans a participant, it blocks the latter’s access to chat, video conferences and the entire server in general. Do not confuse this function with the mute function. The latter restricts the user’s actions, but does not exclude him from the server. To ban a particular user, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Open the desired server. To ban a user, you must have owner or administrator privileges.
  2. In the list of members, which is on the right menu, select the desired user and right-click on him.
  3. In the menu that opens, click on “Banish *nick*”. This button is easy to see, because it is highlighted in red.
  4. In the window that will open, specify the reason for blocking, as well as the duration of the ban. This window will also allow you to remove all of the user’s messages on the channel for the last 24 hours.

Done. When the ban expires, the user can go back to the server. However, the administrator has the right to block forever. In order not to bother himself with such a long algorithm, the administrator can install a bot on the server, which by a special command will automatically block the user.


We recommend you to look at the MEE6 bot, which limits the user with “!ban”. If you need to give ban for a certain period of time, it is better to use the “!tempban” command. Now, when the user suffered from the heavy hand of justice is fully aware of his guilt and is ready to fix it, it is necessary to unban him. Otherwise, the latter will simply not be able to return back to the server.

How to unban a user

First, there are several methods, but they have one main rule – only the owner or administrator, or a bot with his privileges should unblock, otherwise nothing will work. A nice surprise: unlocking is easily implemented from both a PC and an Android or iOS phone.



It doesn’t matter if you have the Desktop client installed or if you only use the web version. To unlock a specific participant, follow these steps in turn:

  • Open Discord.
  • Find the desired server in the left menu.
  • Right-click on it.
  • In the dropdown list expand the “Server settings” section.


  • Open the “Bans” subsection.
  • Click on the user you want to unban.


  • Click on the red “Unban” button.


Done. However, don’t expect the user to know about it instantly. There are no special unblock notifications in Discord.

On the smartphone

Sometimes it is easier to unlock the user from the phone, since there is no way to access the computer. And why do double work (find a PC and remove the ban) for the sake of such a small thing. To unban a member, follow the instructions below:

  • Open the application.
  • Go to the necessary server.
  • Open the left menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.


  • Click on the server name. A window with detailed information should open at the top.
  • Click on the “Settings” button.
  • Select the item “Bans.


Next is a familiar algorithm for removal.

How to add a person to the Black List?

There are cases when a member terrorizes users not on the server, but in private messages. In that case, the easiest way is to throw him on the black list. To do this, open the correspondence with the person, and then click on the “Block” button. Done, now the threat of spam will not bother you.

However, what to do if you are the one who has fallen under the formidable ban. Let’s try to find out how you can tell and if it’s possible to bypass the blocking.


How do you know if you’ve been blocked in Discord?

Of course, the fact of being blocked means that the user’s access to chat and video conferencing is restricted. That is, to find out if you are banned on the server, just try to send a message, put a smiley face on someone else’s message, go to voice chat or do similar operations.

To check if you are blocked by an individual user, simply open your correspondence with that user. The blocking will be notified by a notification that looks like this: “Your message could not be delivered because you don’t share a server with the recipient or you disabled direct messages on your shared server, the recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends, or you were blocked by the recipient”.


How to bypass a ban?

There are two types of blocking: by IP (which is a numeric address of a computer in the network) and account ID. To bypass the first method, you just log in through a VPN, Proxy, or change the computer from which you can not write to the interlocutor or a public chat.

If the account is blocked, the only option is to create a new account.

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