How to uninstall an app on Windows 10 – all ways to uninstall

All ways to uninstall Windows 10 apps

How to uninstall an app on Windows 10? Let’s look at universal ways that are specific to any version of Windows, and specific solutions that work only on “10”. In addition, we will consider several solutions for situations if it is blocked by the administrator, or you need to get rid of preinstalled software from the Microsoft store (Metro).

How to uninstall Windows 10 apps


Using “Applications and features”

This tool appeared after another update back in 2017. To bring up the list of installed utilities, just right-click on “Start” (Start button) in the lower left corner of the screen. Then a menu will open, at the beginning of which you will see the desired option:

Apps and features section in the main context menu

After a few seconds the window with the list will load. You can sort the results by date, size, and after selecting a particular item a delete button will appear:

Uninstalling with apps and features

It’s a simple enough mechanism to get rid of any third-party software. But with built-in programs, the situation is worse. Some of them can be removed without any problems, for others the system will generate an error (administrator blocking, etc.). I will tell you how to deal with them later in this article.

Removal via Control Panel

This option is universal and is available not only in Windows 10, but also in earlier versions.

  • You need to run the control panel by one of the ways listed in in the article. I recommend using the search:
Control Panel in Win10 search results
  • Next, you need to select the view mode in the loaded window – “Small icons”, after which the section “Programs and components” will appear:
All ways to uninstall Windows 10 apps
  • All that’s left is to select the unnecessary object from the list and uninstall it permanently:
Uninstalling Avast using the built-in Windows uninstaller

If it is not in the control panel, then proceed to the following methods.

Uninstalling standard software in Power Shell

  • It’s worth launching the Power Shell console, which is an advanced version of the command line. The easiest way to do this is to press Win + X , then select the menu entry called “Windows PowerShell (administrator)”:
Running Povershell through the menu
  • After 10 seconds the shell will load, you have to wait until the cursor blinks after displaying the path “System 32”. Then enter the command:


  • Press Enter, and now a list of all programs with detailed information will be displayed. It’s chaotic, it’s a lot, but let’s get to the bottom of it. In the “Name” field you specify a short name of the application, and for the next steps we need to find and copy the value of the field “PackageFullName”, for example:
Uninstalling Windows browser in PoverShell
  • To uninstall, we use the command:


Only with a space you have to specify the full name of the package copied in the previous step, e.g,

If you don’t want to bother with this procedure of removing firmwareI suggest resorting to the help of the free DWS DWS utilityIt allows you to remove not only Metro utilities but also to disable telemetry (track, collect user data).

Third party software

There are a lot of similar applications on the web. Almost any optimizer can solve these kinds of problems. I personally like Wise Care 365:


But a lot of people like CCleaner-y, which has a simpler interface, but the beginning of 2018 was marked by the fact that hackers broke the program and spread trojans through it. Now the developers have fixed the defect, so you can try it:


Not a bad solution is also Unlocker, which is able to remove even the software that is blocked by the administrator or viral processes.


Download from

Regarding integrated software from Microsoft Market, there is also helpful tutorial on our site, and about disabling recommended software I advise to read it. There’s also content about “live tiles.” I advise you to check it out.

Now you know how to remove an application from Windows 10 in different ways.

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