How to unlock your phone if you forgot your Android password: what to do and how to reset the PIN

The vast majority of smartphone owners try to protect their device with a PIN, password, fingerprint or other means. Thus, only the owner of the gadget can get access to the functions. However, he too can have problems if he forgets the login data. Therefore, it is important to understand how to unlock your phone if you forget the password on the Android operating system, because otherwise the device will be impossible to use.

What to do if I forgot my Android password

There are several ways to unlock the smartphone in the case when the previously set password is not suitable. All of them differ in the difficulty of restoring access, as well as the potential consequences. However, regardless of the chosen option, you will have the opportunity to bring your device back to life by unlocking the screen.


Unlocking via Smart Lock

If you can’t remember your password, one of the best options for you to regain access is the Smart Lock feature, which works on all smartphones with Android 5 and above. The essence of the option is that it automatically removes the lock when the following scenarios are performed:

  • Familiar device. When a Bluetooth gadget previously saved in the settings is connected to the phone.
  • Safe Locations. The gadget does not require unlocking when at home or other selected locations.
  • Face recognition. No password is required if the front-facing camera sees that the smartphone is in the hands of the owner.


Consequently, to unlock the smartphone and, if necessary, to change the previously invented password, you need to remember whether you have activated the Smart Lock feature. If the answer is yes – you won’t have any problems. For the future, we recommend to take into account the way the option is activated:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Go to Security and then to Smart Lock.
  • Select the smart unlock option. You will need to make up a password or enter existing settings.


The advantage of this unlock option is that it does not have any consequences. You’ll have all the functionality of your device available to you without any restrictions, unlike more radical ways of solving the problem.

Unlocking via Google account

Another option that allows you to bypass the blocking without consequences. True, it only works on older devices with Android 5 and below. If you purchased the smartphone a long time ago, refer to the instructions:

  • Enter the wrong password or “PIN” several times.
  • The “Forgot your password?” option should appear on the screen. Click on it.
  • Enter your Google account username and password to log in.


Thus, to log in will be used alternative data – information about your Google account. Of course, many people may not remember their Google-account password, but it should be understood that the developers are trying to preserve user privacy, and therefore come up with such sophisticated ways to bypass the blocking.

Use the service from the manufacturer of the smartphone

What else is recommended to do to bypass blocking? For example, you can turn to the service from the manufacturer of your smartphone. Specifically, Samsung has come up with Find My Mobile, which allows you to find your lost device. Among the available options is also remote unlocking. Act according to an algorithm:

  • Open the link through a PC or other device with Internet access.
  • Press the “Login” button.
  • Enter your manufacturer account information (in this case, your Samsung account).
  • Select the “Unlock” option.


Please note that the remote access service will only work if the Internet is available on the phone and the geolocation option is activated. Of course, there are similar services for other manufacturers, and there are also programs for PC, allowing to reset the password. To clarify the information, it is recommended to visit the site of the manufacturer of your smartphone or contact the support service.

Reset to factory settings

Radical, but at the same time one hundred percent measure that helps to easily disable the graphic key or password. The minus of this method is in the consequences. After resetting the settings, all the files previously saved on the smartphone are erased. If you do not want to delete important data, then create a backup copy and then follow the instructions:

  • Turn off the smartphone.
  • Press the power and volume buttons to enter Recovery Mode (button combination may vary depending on the device model).
  • Go to “Wipe data/factory reset” section.
  • Confirm the operation by pressing “Yes”.
  • Perform “Reboot system now” operation in the same way which is available in Recovery Mode main menu.


Help. Use the volume buttons to navigate through Recovery Mode and confirm the action by pressing the power key.

Of course, this is not the only way to help you reset your settings. However, you can’t do the operation through the standard smartphone interface because of the screen lock, and many circumstances have to come together to reset through a computer. In particular, USB debugging must be activated on the phone beforehand.

Ways to prevent the problem

Of course, no one wants to find themselves in a situation where their phone is locked and they can’t remember their password. To prevent this from happening, use our recommendations:

  • Use different locking options (for example, by face or fingerprint). This will unlock your device without a password, although you’ll still need to come up with a PIN as an alternative means of access.
  • Don’t forget to activate Smart Lock if it’s present in the settings.
  • Keep a backup copy of your data so you can recover your files in case of a reset.
  • Try to write your password in notes on your computer or at least on a piece of paper.


By following these recommendations, you’re unlikely to encounter the problem of a locked smartphone or at least avoid serious consequences in the form of data loss.

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