How to update drivers online manually and through the program

How to update device drivers online for free

One of the main components of any PC is the chipset, to which all computer components are connected. In order for the device to work properly and not to have any errors, you need to periodically perform driver updates motherboard. I will talk about this process in detail in this review.

A driver is a control program which is responsible for the relationship between the hardware. Most hardware manufacturers are constantly releasing updated versions to improve performance and eliminate compatibility errors. That is why it is so important to install new “drivers”, regardless of the model of the chipset and its brand (whether Asus or Gygabyte).

Warning. Before making any changes, please read your motherboard model manual carefully. If the instructions I provided contradict some points in your manual, it is best to contact the manufacturer’s support service for assistance.

Ways to Upgrade

In fact, there are not many methods. It should be noted right away that such a concept as “driver update online” does not exist. In any case, you need to download certain utilities, and they already communicate with the server after scanning, and tell you which “drivers” you need to download.

Let’s start with the simplest and most familiar. Once again, all responsibility for a wrong Update lies solely on you. I provide universal steps that work 99% of the time. Just remember to create a restore point before you do anything potentially dangerous.

Using the Hardware Manager

  • Go to “Device Manager”, which in Windows 8 / 10 can be opened via “Start” (by right-clicking on the button and selecting the appropriate item from the context menu). For “7” you should go to “Control Panel”, select the section “Hardware, Sound”. On the new page, click on the desired link:
Control panel window with
  • When the manager window opens, you should open the list of system devices and carefully review it. There may be many items, but you should focus on those that contain the word “chipset”. Next to it you will see the manufacturer (for example, Intel).
  • Call the context menu on each of the items (one by one), click on the command “Update drivers.Update drivers”and choose automatic search, as shown in the screenshot:
Updating through the manager, automatic search
  • If a new driver version is found, the system will offer to install it. When no update is required, this window will appear (with the name of your device only):
Notification of the latest driver version

Let me remind you again that instead of Intel there may be another name, for example Asrock or Foxconn.

This is the way we have found out. There is nothing complicated about it, isn’t there? If you have any questions write your comments after this article.

Search the official site

For laptops, this procedure is very simple and without any special nuances. Consider the option for one of my laptops, if you do not mind.

  • It is enough to go to the manufacturer’s website, go to the support (Support) or download (Download). In the search box, type in the serial number or model name:
Driver Search window e355
  • Do not forget to specify the version of the operating system installed on your PC. When the list of drivers is displayed, find the chipset and click on the download button:
Drivers list for e355
  • Install the downloaded file and restart the system for the changes to take effect.

This procedure is similar for other laptop manufacturers (HP, MSI).

A little harder to look for the right programs for the motherboard of a desktop PC. It is necessary to accurately determine the model of your hardware. Even a difference of one character can cause the installation of the wrong driver. I had a situation when I needed to find a software for ESC Z170 and I downloaded Z170IU which was designed for mini-ATX format.

I recommend to use Everest (AIDA). It’s free and provides all information about your system. I already mentioned it in my article About BIOS flashing. You can also use regular diagnostic tools by running the command “dxdiag” in the Run (Win + R) console.

Dxdiag Utility window

Now you only have to go to the necessary internet resource and download the latest drivers.

Valuable hint! Be sure to download the “firewares” from official sites. I have collected most of them in this list so that you don’t waste your precious time.

To to update your drivers NVIDIA drivers, follow this link. There, specify your hardware model and specify your operating system version. And here is a similar resource for AMD.

If you are asked to install the Network Access Manager utility additionally during the installation, it is better to refuse. This way you will save yourself future problems with connecting to game servers in Steam.

Using PCI Database

This seems to me to be the easiest way. If I need to find control software for hardware, I go to this site

This is a popular foreign source and is essentially a comprehensive database of drivers for various devices of all brands.

Chipset model or manufacturer search fields on pcidatabase

Just fill in the Ven (vendor, brand, brand name) or Dev (device) fields and click the “Search” button. If you don’t know where to get this data, there is an easy way to look at it. Go to the properties of the device for which you need drivers and in the information tab select “Device Instance Code” from the list. In the picture below you can see the data you need to find the driver.

hardware ven dev

Using the bundled drive

You will often get a bundled software disk with the motherboard. It may contain bundled video, audio, USB or chipset drivers. Some hardware manufacturers also offer utilities that run in the background and monitor the release of updates independently. As soon as this happens, you are offered to download and install the package. Alas, not all provide this opportunity.

Also, I recommend a special application. Driver Booster is the best driver update program for Windows

That’s the end of my fascinating and useful instruction. I am sure that it will surely help you to solve your tasks. I do not advise to rush and do everything rashly, without thinking it over. If something is unclear, it is better to ask me or any other expert. Don’t forget to make backups and create points to restore your system later, if something goes wrong.

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