How to use TicToc for beginners from your phone: rules and instructions on how to set up

TicToc is a new social network that is gaining popularity. Popular bloggers can tell you about how to start using the TikTok network, how to record videos or make various videos. If you want, you can deal with these questions yourself. First, you need to download the app to your phone and confirm the registration. The application is available for smartphones with Ios or Android platforms.

What to start with for a beginner?

Learning how to use TicToc is easy. The rules of use for beginners can be found in the application settings. First, download the application from the store provided by the developers of the phone platform. Then conduct the installation, following the instructions:

tick tock

After downloading, register using a third-party account or creating an account from scratch. When registering, confirm your phone number.


After entering the number, the user receives a verification code, which is entered in a special field, this is required by the application.


If the application is downloaded in English, then it is necessary to enable the function of translation into Russian in a special tab “Language”.


The last step is the page layout. This includes changing the avatar, user name, changing the password.


To register you need access to the phone number used in the registration.

Reference! TicToc is similar to Instagram by functionality in many ways.

The main functions of the application

The application allows you to perform the following actions:

  • View the main feed with various videos;
  • track updates of accounts of interest if you select a specific category;
  • make edits;
  • shoot and post your own videos.

Video content are short videos with reactions to various events, challenges, dances to popular songs, and vines with a specific idea.

The home page is equipped with a search engine that will automatically track interesting content and suggest it for full viewing. If you remove the description and clear the cache, the app will suggest videos whose number of views has exceeded 1,000. Each video can be completely rewound to find a group of accounts of interest faster.

There is such a thing as “roulette” in TicToc, where the automatic search can queue up accounts of users who might be potential friends because of similar content.

How to make a 3x video in TickTock

“Video 3x” – the caption means that the video is put on fast-forward. Rewinding videos makes your videos more interesting and powerful. In a meek 60-second video, you can use triple rewind to fit a lengthy story with different approaches.


The rewind technique works in both directions: the footage can be slowed down or accelerated. Both effects can be used when editing the same clip at different stages of creation.

The 3x is set after tapping the clock button located in the bottom right corner of the home page. On the bottom of the screen, after tapping the icon, the speed bar appears, where you can select any available value: from 0.5 to 3 and higher.

How to download video

When downloading the video to your phone it’s recommended to use the simple step by step instruction:

Open the video you are interested in.


Press the button in the form of arrow, which is in the bottom right part of the main screen.


Select “Save video” in the pop-up tab.


On Android or Ios-based phones, the apps used to watch videos may be different. Video players or editing programs are downloaded from application stores that are provided by developers.

How to watch videos on your computer

Videos from TickTock can be viewed on a personal computer. This is made possible by the availability of the site. The only disadvantage of viewing on a computer is the lack of search in the format it exists in the application. When viewed from a PC, videos are found through the “Trending” and “Interesting” tabs. This is the only technique that helps scroll through the video.


To find a person in TicToc, one enters a presumptive user name into the search bar on the monitor screen. The account can be searched by friends’ subscriptions, by the code entered, and also searched by hashtags. The search service works the same way as in the Instagram app.

Information! The mobile app differs from the PC version in that, when viewed from a PC, you cannot leave a comment under the video or see comments on your content left by other users.

How to succeed in TikTok

Users dream of making the profile popular and interesting. To achieve this, it is recommended to follow a plan:

  1. Content. Offering videos with a certain idea is a step toward popularity. The main focus of the content is thought out in advance. Each video for the promotion and promotion of the account is recommended to put on a certain schedule. This step is especially justified if there are several thousand subscribers. Announcing a new video, its appearance on certain days includes a waiting mode, which goes in favor of the page.
  2. Design. The way the profile looks is not unimportant. To design videos and make popular edits, it is advised to use the same program. Maintaining the style will make the page recognizable among similar pages and add to its popularity. Many bloggers shoot videos using the same effect over time. An example of this approach is using slow motion or speeding up the video.
  3. Targeted promotion. From the very beginning of promotion, it is possible to use special promotion programs to raise the profile to the feed of the top videos. For promotion, there are special free applications which offer special tasks, earning likes and coins to exchange them for subscriptions in the future, gaining subscribers and content views in an honest way.

You should never lose sight of the fact that the video you manage to shoot will go viral regardless of the plan, so you should treat each edith creatively, use creative approaches and spare no time or effort in processing the content.

Attention! You should not use programs to gain subscribers for money. This mechanism can be a reason to block the account.

Frequently encountered problems

Users who start mastering TicToc often encounter problems. Typical mistakes slow down profile promotion.

Common mistakes:

  1. Creating a login. Users who sign up for the first time are offered a standard profile name that contains numbers and letters. It is completely changed to a name that will be recognized in the search feed. You should not create something unwieldy and hard to remember. Besides, frequent nickname changes have a negative influence on profile development, because users won’t remember their favorite account.
  2. Downloading and saving video. You can save the video in any way by clicking on the “Save Video” icon. You can do various actions with the file in programs that are installed on your phone.
  3. Live broadcasting. For many users, broadcasting is attractive. Newcomers who have recently registered on the app behave the way they are used to on Instagram. TicToc allows users with more than 1,000 subscribers to do broadcasts.
  4. Deleting videos. Posted videos often begin to contradict the rules, especially if they were mounted quickly, made not according to plan, carry negative information. Before the network administration receives a complaint about the video, you can delete the content yourself. To do this, click on the “three dots”, which are usually at the top of the page, and select the “Delete video” function.

TicToc is a network that allows you to earn money. Today you can earn here on donations, collabrations with other bloggers, participation in affiliate programs and product advertising. To make the account profitable, it is recommended to learn how to use the proposed tools, properly mount videos and offer interesting content.

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