How to validate your phone number in Discord: ways to link it to your account

To find out how to confirm your phone number in Discord, you do not need to call tech support, leaf through the help page. You can do it easier. At the same time figuring out what benefits this step provides. The developers have taken care of account security. But to do this, you must specify when identifying your cell phone. All actions will take 5-7 minutes, no more.

How it works

The need to link the phone number to the account in Discord arose for a reason. Thus, the developer simplifies the identification and at the same time protects the personal data of the user. It is enough to specify your own mobile number when registering in the messenger.


Now outsiders, if they want, will not be able to access your information. Send spam on your behalf, make some malicious actions. The identification process takes minutes. And the phone number can be specified both in the desktop version and in the mobile app. It’s enough to confirm your identity by giving a code sent by the Discord administration. Now your account is safe from hacking.

It is possible to connect two-factor authentication – the most advanced system that guarantees the safety of the user.


The standard way of linking

The standard way involves a minimum of action. You need to have the application installed and an active account. It is easy to pass the identification by using a step-by-step algorithm:

  • Log in to your Discord account (on your PC or smartphone).
  • Go to the settings menu (gear icon).
  • Select the “Account” tab.


  • Specify the mobile number.
  • Get a code and enter it in the application.


Identification is complete. It’s important to specify in the account the phone number to which the user has access. Otherwise it won’t work. And even if the account is disabled, if you specify the phone number, it will be easier to resume work in the messenger. The same applies to changing the password (recovery).

Account deactivation is used as an alternative to deletion. It is useful if the user wants to stop using Discord for a while. In this case, the specified email address will still receive requests for friends. But you can’t deactivate or delete your account in the mobile app. You need the full version.


Possible problems

Sometimes identification for a variety of reasons ends in failure. Situations can be both typical and non-standard. But most boil down to the following:

  1. No connection to the network. It can be solved by urgent reboot of the device, checking network settings and connections. It is not possible to enter the Discord account from this gadget, you should try another one. Or perform a reboot.
  2. Problems with the browser. Not all browsers provide comfortable operation of Discord. It is believed that the messenger is guaranteed to run in Google Chrome. It should be used in case of failure.


If neither restarting nor changing the browser did not give the desired result, the only way is to contact the technical support of Discord. You can write a letter detailing the issue. Or call the hotline operators messenger. Both methods work equally well.

Providing a cell phone number will not cause difficulties. But it will give you an undeniable advantage: the owner of the account will be sure that no one will log in to the account without his knowledge. Just do not forget which of the numbers you specified when registering, if more than one. And keep access to this resource, do not change SIM-card and operator.

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