How to write a letter to President Putin of Russia personally in different ways

Today I want to talk to you about a very unusual topic – how to write a letter to President Putin of Russia personally. Interested? Then read on, and I will share with you the options for sending letters to the Head of State that I have learned about.

Letter to Putin

“Mail Pigeon.”

The practice of writing letters to the President began quite a long time ago. The Russian population began writing to social networks and the post office en masse during Medvedev’s presidency, when he started his own blog and created a Twitter account. Unfortunately, the intermediaries of power are not always able and willing to solve the questions of the common people, so people are trying to bring everything at once to the most important leader.

Putin does not have his own blog, and he does not sit on social networks, but you can still write to him. The first option is the usual mailing. Here the well-known “Russian Post” will help, the most important thing here is to write the correct destination and sending addresses. You need to know exactly where your message is going. It should be understood that V. Putin will not read it personally, there are staff members who sort out incoming correspondence and send it on. It is essential to leave your contacts, otherwise your letter simply will not be considered. For sending by mail, the address is as follows:

In the “To” column indicate – Administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

There is no single template, but the basic rules for writing letters on paper are the same as the general recommendations for sending emails.

  • The question should always be put in a businesslike manner;
  • There should be no personal emotions or extraneous information;
  • The text starts with a greeting, not a title;
  • Next, a description of the essence of the problem;
  • Finally, the request for assistance itself.

Internet sending

The second option is to send the president of Russia a letter in person – email. This is a quicker and more effective solution. There is a much better chance that what is sent will reach him.

Follow the link and scroll down the page until you see the following options buttons:

E-mail letter to the president

First, you choose the type of appeal:

  • want to complain to Putin;
  • send a letter;
  • or you want to report corruption.

Then you choose where the answer will come – by email or postal mail. If you choose the first – you specify your e-mail below, and it will receive notifications on the stage of finding your dispatch. In the second option you have to specify your real residence address (where the written answer will come). After this procedure you choose the addressee – to President Putin personally or to his Administration.

Form at

You can attach files in almost any known format: doc, mp3, pdf, and others. Their size should not exceed five megabytes, and the files themselves are not allowed to be packed in an archive. When sending a message to Putin, be sure to write your name and contact number so that they can contact you. If you really want, you can search the Internet for a sample letter. The final stage – click on “Send”.

It is worth talking about the requirements for creating a personal message to President Putin of Russia:

  • It is forbidden to use profanity, abusive language when addressing – it will not be considered;
  • It is allowed to attach extracts, documents, certificates;
  • It is important to follow the rules of Russian language;
  • The maximum allowed volume of a letter is no more than 2000 symbols; usually this volume is enough;
  • If you send it to the President, other bodies are not allowed;
  • There is no point in complaining about litigation, this branch does not “listen” to the legislative and executive branches.

Other Options

If you want to ask for help, take advantage of the annual direct lines with the president. Such an event is impossible to miss – they start talking about it in advance.

You can leave questions by calling the toll-free number 8-800-200-40-40 or send a quick message to 0-40-40.

In addition, a lot of good reviews about the official resource and the app for Android mobile devices – “Moscow to Putin”.

Moscow to Putin

According to current federal law, if you have written an appeal, it must be considered within 30 days from the time it is received. Although the answer can come even earlier. Now you have learned how to write a letter to Russian President Putin personally, especially since anyone can apply.

P.S. Please do not leave your messages in the comments to this article. I have only provided information on ways to solve your problem, but no high-ranking officials will read your requests on this page.

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