How to write on behalf of a bot in Discord: step-by-step instructions and problems

Robotic assistants in Discord are additional functionality for servers and communication channels. Some are designed for entertainment, while others perform the same tasks of administrators. It is useful for users to know how to write chat messages on behalf of a bot in the messenger Discord. It is important to study in advance the instructions provided and how to write texts in this format.

How to write messages on behalf of the bot in any server channel

If the admin needs to send information to the chat, you will need to perform several related actions.


The stages of the user’s work:

  • log into the account (enter the valid login and password);
  • click on the “New Application” button;


  • type the name of the bot to be activated;
  • select “Bot” in the settings of the plug-in item;


  • copy the token by clicking the “Copy” button;
  • then download the Windows utility (Installer-Portable);
  • Start the installation procedure, go to the tab “View”, find the line “Reload”;
  • Enter the previously copied token;


  • re-enter, invite the created robo-assistant to the server.

In the side of the open window will not be the usual list of participants – you can start writing messages.

Warning. Some users use certain sites to write texts – this is called activate webhook. The disadvantage of the method is that you will have to create a new item for each messenger. Once the bot is created, this process will not be required.

Possible problems

There may be some difficulties when sending text messages through a robotic assistant. Certain options:

  • if the app hangs up – before you write text and put it in the chat, you need to copy the ID of the channel you’re using, then send the messenger;
  • on the monitor of your personal device displays the inscription “Program launch is not possible” – appears when there are no some boot files on your computer, you need to reinstall the application;
  • If Discord does not start, you need to restart the utility through another browser.


When the programs do not start, you need to check your computer (desktop, portable) with an installed antivirus. You can use any available software, after which the activation must be repeated.

Sending texts on behalf of the bot is done by creating a new item and adding it to the desired server. It is important to regularly check the device with antivirus utilities, and if necessary, repeat the above instructions.

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