HP Neverstop Laser 1000w Test

We are testing the HP Neverstop Laser 1000w monochrome laser printer. Such devices in the current situation have become more than necessary in many homes. How did this particular model perform?

It will soon be a year since many people switched to work-at-home mode and schools closed. Suddenly, computers and printers became more necessary than ever, and at the same time, access to outlets where we could print something was limited. The result? Printer sales and interest in such devices soared. For the past month, we’ve been testing the HP Neverstop 1000w printer, using it as extensively as any inyi who needs to work from home while helping kids with remote learning.

Performance and quick toner replacement

The Neverstop Laser 1000w seemingly stands apart from other modern printers. The device looks good, weighs about 7 kg, and with dimensions: 380 mm by 445 mm by 465 mm, placing it on a desk, under a table or on a cabinet will not be a major challenge. Although at first glance the HP printer looks standard, the American company has applied a very convenient solution for the user. What is it?

The tested equipment does not use cartridges, does not require us to pull out the photosensitive drum. At the first start-up we do not have to open the device at all. Anyway, in total it will not be necessary and later. We refill the toner cartridge thanks to a special system in the form of a cylinder which we place in a hole located in the bottom right corner of the printer. It takes only several seconds to follow the instructions and we are done. The manufacturer claims that one cartridge provides up to 5000 pages of printing.

The printer setup itself remains hassle-free, and we can use a USB cable or Wi-Fi to connect to a computer. The hardware uses AirPrint technology. Using the HP Smart mobile app, we can configure the hardware and print documents. All in all, the first impression out of the box and after making debut prints, is positive.

Print quality

During our testing, we didn’t have a single problem with the Neverstop Laser 1000w. The print speed of this model is about 20 pages per minute – just right for home use. The operating culture (noise level during printing) remains normal. The cassette feeder located at the bottom of the printer, covered with a special element, holds up to 150 sheets, and the receiver – 100 sheets. The printer is able to handle plain paper, thick paper, as well as labels and envelopes. Supported formats? A6, A5, and A4.

The quality of printing offered? Hard to have any complaints. From text documents, to pages combining text and graphics (e.g. homework assignments), to images (e.g. coloring), the printouts remained successful. Note that this model does not support duplex printing and we are only dealing with black and white prints.

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