Huawei Car is heading to a market with a range much larger even than Tesla

At the Global Analyst Conference yesterday, we learned that the conglomerate is indeed interested in the smart car market and Huawei Car does indeed exist.

For some time now, there have been reports online suggesting that Huawei is preparing to enter the electric car market and the company’s first model will go on sale as early as April. Later, a source suggested that it was only about providing smart software for ARCFOX-branded cars that would only be available in China, so there was a bit of confusion on the topic. Fortunately, the situation was somewhat clarified by yesterday’s Global Analyst Conference, of course, this year in a digital edition from the company’s headquarters in Shenzhen, where the head of the corporation, Xu Zhijun, confirmed the company’s interest in the intelligent car industry.

It’s hardly surprising, considering that Huawei has already invested over $1 billion in smart car components and R&D this year. What’s more, 30 million cars are delivered to the Chinese market every year, and in the future these numbers will surely be even higher, so the company doesn’t even have to go beyond the local market to get something for itself. Of course, Huawei has an appetite for international availability, not only China, but there is no denying that it has somewhere to “train”. Or rather, it already does, as reportedly every automotive component Huawei has worked on has been put to market.

Xu Zhijun also assured that Huawei Car is a real product that offers a complete set of functionalities, but he also confirmed that there will be many such vehicles on the market, because the company “does not build cars”, but only aims to “help car companies build good cars”, which means it deals with software. What’s more, at the Shanghai Auto Show, which has been scheduled for April 21-28, you will be able to see a car of this type in action, as the demonstration Huawei Car will then perform autonomous courses around the city. – Our team is doing the best and I am convinced of that. I don’t know if we have already bragged about it. He told me that our car can achieve 1,000 kilometers of continuous autonomous driving in the city, which is much better than Tesla,” he added. And while it’s hard to compare such generalizations, you can’t help but give him credit, as the Tesla’s maximum range is just under 650 km and even the fresh Mercedes EQS electric car and its 770 km is far short of the Huawei Car.

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