Huawei intends to turn Serock into the smart city of the future

Just recently we wrote that the company in our country founded Elon Musk to avoid problems with the provision of satellite Internet in our country, and already we hear about Polish plans of another giant.

Huawei intends to turn Serock into the smart city of the future

Weizhi Dong, Managing Director of Huawei Enterprise Poland Business Group, and Artur Borkowski, Mayor of Serock City and Municipality, signed an agreement on cooperation aimed at implementing the Serock SmartCity project. This means that through the digitalization of the municipality, including the development of information and communication technologies and increasing the availability of fiber optic network for residents and the implementation of solutions to reduce human impact on the environment (improving traffic in the city, popularization of e-government, installation of sensors monitoring the quality of air and water), the company will turn Serock into a real smart city of the future, which will be an example for others to follow.

– At a time when most of us not only work, but also do official business remotely, investments in modern IT solutions, 5G networks and fiber optics are necessary to create an optimal digital infrastructure. It is the cornerstone of any smart city. I am glad that Huawei can be a partner of Serock in its digital development. Huawei’s global experience puts us in an ideal position to help urban communities stimulate innovation and development to make the city more attractive to residents or businesses and investors – said Ryszard Hordyński, director of strategy and communication at Huawei Poland.

There is no doubt that we will see such cooperation or at least modernization plans more and more often, because the coronavirus pandemic has shown – also to the sceptics – that new technologies are not just a whim, but necessary elements of our everyday life, enabling and facilitating our functioning, even professional and official. Therefore, it is not surprising that the authorities of Serock decided to cooperate with Huawei, since the stake in this game is to improve the quality of life of residents (in the future also with the help of robots and autonomous solutions). On the other hand, however, it is quite a bold move, because the Chinese company is not currently on an upward wave – the company heavily lost to trade sanctions from the U.S., as well as the distrust of several other governments, so its image in the world is not the best.

Does it want to rebuild it through such cooperation? Perhaps, but we should also remember that Huawei has already assisted in 160 such cities in 100 countries, so it is a process that started some time ago. From Serock’s point of view it is an ideal situation: “The last year has made us realize that digital technologies, which many of us have been mistrustful of so far, are an indispensable tool in our everyday life. They have enabled us to survive the pandemic and, in many cases, to remain professionally active. Seeing these dependencies, we want to develop the availability of the latest technologies for the residents of the city and commune of Serock, and we are pleased that we gain a powerful ally in this task – concluded Artur Borkowski, Mayor of the City and Commune of Serock.

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