Huawei Mate X 5G foldable smartphone sold out in China in just one minute

The Chinese conglomerate has had a very difficult year and all indications are that it will also face a lot of adversity in the near future. However, innovation can help it stay in the market.

Interestingly, though, there are also optimistic touches, all thanks to the Chinese launch of the Huawei Mate X 5G foldable smartphone, whose debut has already been postponed several times. And although the device is even more expensive than the Galaxy Fold from Samsung (mainly due to the use of two of the most expensive technologies in the mobile market today, namely 5G and flexible panels), and the foldable display technology is still in its infancy and suffers from many ailments of its young age, fans of the brand did not disappoint and the company’s new offering sold out in less than a minute!

The premiere of the Mate X 5G was repeatedly postponed, as well as the competitor from Samsung, but the Galaxy Fold finally hit the market, where it even found its fans, so Huawei could no longer delay the debut of its device. However, the manufacturer decided to play it safe, namely a launch limited to its home market. And all in all, it is hardly surprising, because local users do not have any problem with the lack of support for Google Play applications, because it is an everyday occurrence for them.

What’s more, in its own market it is responsible for most of the solutions related to 5G technology, which is strongly supported and developed here, so the only thing that could decide about the possible failure was the high price – about 2400 USD, which is about 400 USD higher than in the case of Galaxy Fold. That didn’t happen, however, and Huawei was able to declare a huge success – the Mate X 5G sold out in less than a minute. Of course, you have to take into account the fact that we have no idea how many copies actually went on sale, but one thing is certain, there are users willing to pay crores for the latest technology.

However, the real test is still ahead of the Mate X 5G, and we are of course talking about the international launch – there is a good chance that everything will go as well as it did in China, but foldable flexible displays still carry risks. Huawei could admittedly learn a lot from its competitor, which had to postpone the launch after a mishap with review copies, and do its best not to make its mistakes, especially since it had plenty of time to make improvements, but only time will tell if it did its homework well.

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