Huawei Watch 3 Pro test

We had the opportunity to check the next installment of the popular smartwatch from the Chinese company Huawei. How does it differ from previous models and, most importantly, how does HarmonyOS, the system used by this model, perform and why do we consider it to be one of the best of its kind on the market?

Despite the many problems associated with the regulations imposed by the United States Department of Commerce, the Chinese Huawei continues to successfully develop its range of products. This can be seen especially in the case of devices designed to complement smartphones and flagship mobile devices. A great example are the regular premieres of new models of smart watches, where the latest of them – Huawei Watch 3 Pro – is not only an expansion of their capabilities, but also brings many important changes.

Appearance and performance

However, let’s start from the beginning. As befits a premium product – Huawei’s new smart watch comes in a stylish and well-made box. In addition to the described device itself, inside you will also find a charging puck, a USB-C cable and a set of documents.

We got our hands on a model described as Elite Titanium, which from the first glance stands out for its size and high-quality workmanship. Huawei’s smartwatches have been trying to emulate classic watches for some time now, and we have to admit that this attempt comes out great for the Chinese.

As you can guess from the name, the watch’s envelope is made of the truest titanium, while the dial is covered with one of the most durable materials in the world, sapphire glass. The watch is also water resistant and meets the 5 ATM standard, so you can use it while swimming.

By default, the device is available with a metal bracelet, but if you prefer a more modest style, a rubber strap will also be included in the package. On the right side of the dial we will find two physical buttons. The upper one – in the shape of a small dial, which is used to open the menu with functions, return to the dial informing about the time and acts as a “scroll”, and the lower one serving as a shortcut to the list of workouts.

Without a doubt, in terms of design and design, Huawei’s smartwatch looks insanely impressive, and with full knowledge we will risk saying that this is the best-looking smart watch on the market.


As with the manufacturer’s older models, the Watch 3 Pro is also equipped with an AMOLED touchscreen display. The relatively large 1.43″ screen supports a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels, which is quite enough to comfortably control the device.

Also when it comes to image quality, there is nothing to complain about. The elements displayed on the watch face are clear and bright. The feature that adjusts the brightness level is a good one, which works properly and effectively affects the battery life. If we do not care about it, we can always turn on the available option “Always On Dispay”.

Harmony OS – features and smart solutions

The biggest changes introduced in the new device concern its operating system. The previously used Huawei Lite OS has been replaced here by HarmonyOS. This means, among others, a new look of the display interface and application menu based on a chessboard theme. The whole thing looks very intuitive, and the software works quickly and pleasantly.

To use the watch, after its launch we have to pair it with the Huawei Health application. The software is easy and convenient to use, and it allows you to collect all the information about your workouts, sleep, stress levels or the route you have taken. Due to the current turmoil between Google and Huawei – the application is not officially available in the store of the technological giant and you have to download it in .apk form. Fortunately, the whole operation is simple and does not cause major problems.

But let’s move on to the functions themselves, and these in the Watch 3 Pro is not lacking. The device measures heart rate, stress levels, monitors time and sleep phases. Among the possibilities there is the already well-known oxygen saturation meter, which is the oxygenation of the blood, as well as a compass and barometric indications. The smartwach also supports over 100 training modes – 19 professional indoor and outdoor sports and 85 custom modes. The watch also records distance, calories burned, heart rate, pace, and changing aerobic effort level. The phone’s memory also includes pre-saved workout programs.

Huawei Watch 3 Pro allows you to use the dials in an interactive form, thanks to the ability to create personalized animations and upload photos or videos (slow motion video or time-lapse videos). Additionally, the Watch 3 series comes with a pre-installed AppGallery app store, which allows you to install additional apps to the device.

A novelty is the built-in eSIM card, so the user can use the same phone number in the smartphone and the smartwatch. Unfortunately, at the moment the Polish distributor, has not yet signed an agreement with any mobile operator.


At the very end it is worth mentioning something about the battery. The manufacturer assures that this one works up to three weeks on a single charge in ultra mode, 7 days in LTE mode and 5 days in smart mode. In reality, it all depends on how you use it. During standard use in smart mode, the watch easily lasted about four days. This is not low, but some competitor devices show better results. Fortunately, the watch can be charged quickly and efficiently thanks to the wireless charger mentioned at the beginning.

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