Hybrid watches: the perfect blend of tradition and modernity

Access to an online calendar, a stopwatch, a date stamp or the ability to receive smart notifications. Smartwatches are undoubtedly characterized by their high functionality, but it is hard to hide the fact that their design usually fits mainly with sportswear. Suit, suit or smart casual outfit require completely different accessories. A hybrid watch is a solution for those who do not want to give up their style and unique design, but still want access to modern technologies.

Hybrid watches: the perfect blend of tradition and modernity

Touch screen, access to many sports functions, remote control of applications for listening to music or even the ability to write messages. Individual smartwatch models also have the ability to personalize the dial to resemble classic watches as much as possible. Still, it is not a sufficient solution for those who are attached to the classic design. A hybrid watch is a solution which does not differ in appearance from the timepieces known for years. However, its interior hides much more.

What does a hybrid watch look like?

Hybrid watches are a solution for those who place a classic look as a priority. At first glance the watch looks like a traditional model. It has a familiar dial and analog hands. The user can also decide on the type of bracelet or strap, which can be adjusted to his preferences. It is true that smartwatches also have the possibility of personalizing the strap – instead of a rubber one, resistant to sweat and water, you can choose a leather or metal one. However, it is worth remembering that the envelope will still have a sporty design, which will not fit into all styles.

The catalog of models available on the market is very wide. A wide portfolio of hybrid watches can be found in the watch.net store. The seller offers users both fashion brands, which offer this type of timepieces, and Swiss brands with watchmaking history, which decided to enter a new product segment.

How to charge a hybrid watch?

The biggest problem faced by owners of smartwatches is battery life. Some models will last up to 6 days without charging. However, it should be remembered that the more functions we operate with the help of a timer, the shorter the time between successive charges. A large number of supported applications (such as music control, receiving calls and push notifications from social media) can mean the need to charge every several hours.

In this respect, the hybrid watch is far superior to the mentioned mechanisms. This is because it is powered by a classic watch battery. It does not need to be plugged in every few days, but requires replacement every so often – usually every few months. Such a solution is for the owner a certainty that his timepiece will not be discharged at the most important moment of the day.

What functions does a hybrid watch have?

Technological capabilities of hybrid watches are similar to those of the well-known and popular smartwatches. Controls usually use buttons, but hybrids with a touchscreen display are increasingly available.

In addition to the well-known step counter, a hybrid watch can also include a calorie counter or heart rate measurement. The devices also have the ability to set an alarm clock or other reminders. Wireless bluetooth connectivity allows users to synchronize the watch with their phone and access smart features using an app.

Who is a hybrid watch for?

Smartwatches, despite their functionality, do not go well with a suit or an evening outfit. Hybrid watches are an alternative that will satisfy people looking for a compromise between good looks and modern technological solutions. Among the wide range of models available on the market we can find designs perfect for both elegant women and men who are looking for an original addition to their suits.

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