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img We all have to plan tasks, and often we forget what we have planned. Sometimes this has happened because we have not remembered the right thing at the right place.

Hypocampo – app for Android, which allows you to plan tasks by linking them not to time, but to place. The essence of is simple – You choose a place and add tasks to it. When you are at a point for which there are scheduled active tasks triggers a reminder.

Name Hypocampo comes from Hippocamp .which in the ancient Greek mythology meant “seahorse,”as well as this area of the human of the human brain…involved in the formation… long-term memory..

The app consists of an interface and a geolocation service that tracks your location. Location is tracked using both GPS as well as through mobile networks. Tracking is not conducted constantly, but at certain intervals, which allows you to save battery. Yes, with this algorithm it is possible to miss the moment when you are near the desired location. To avoid this, we’ve introduced the concept of point radius. The reminder is not only triggered at the pointbut also around it in a given radius.
If you leave a given location, the notification for it disappears from the notification area.

By the way, in the absence of active tasks, the service does not track the location and does not waste battery. And yes, in the settings of the application you can disable the use of GPS. In this case, it will use only the positioning on mobile networks, which again will save battery.Also on the life of the battery affects the setting of the location update mode. By default, the geo-service monitors the location even when the device is asleep (the screen is off). You can switch this behavior to a mode where tracking only works when the device is active.

To to work Maps are used to work with Google. Unfortunately, in some regions of Russia maps Google have a very scarce detail of the vector map. This is expressed, first of all, in the absence of normal geocoding (coordinate search by address). To circumvent the problem in the application settings you can choose to use a geocoder from Yandex, which allows you to get more accurate results of the search for objects by address. The results are sorted by relevance (this is how the geocoder Yandex geocoder and while only the first 10 results).

The application is written to work for Anroid 2.1+. It is currently in beta-testing phase. The app is Hypocampo app is available at the Android Market.


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