Imikimi com photoshop free – service review

Imikimi com Photoshop free - review service

If you do not want to install third-party software, but there is a desire to create beautiful animated gifs, then it is worth using the online service Imikimi com photoshop for free. Now I will tell you about the advantages of this tool for creating cool photo frames and other effects.

What is Imikimi online?

Warning. The appearance of the service has been updated in 2018, so, at the end of the article, watch the new video with an overview of the features.

If you follow the link to the official website, you will not immediately understand – where and why you got? At least, that’s what happened to me. Immediately caught my eye a lot of advertising and not entirely friendly interface.

I found out on the forums that the photo editor Imikami is a very popular solution if you don’t have time to learn how to work in Photoshop. And the English-language interface is easy translated into Russian with the help of a special technique (this will be discussed later).

Key features of the Imikami photo editor

The main purpose of the service is to impose original frames on users’ images. The resource provides access to hundreds of effects of different subjects – romance, for children, advertising, with natural elements. You can also create your own templates (templates) and put any inscriptions on the pictures.

The main advantage of the project – it does not require you to pay, and if you register, russified interface, you get a handy tool to create animated Imikimi Gifs with personal photos for free. Here is an illustrative example:

A beautiful photo taken with Imikimi

The basics of using Imicimi com

  • Click on the link and on the left you’ll see a list of all the frames (All Frames), but you can also go to browsing by category (Categories) or check out popular works by other artists (Frame Artists):

  • Choose the one you like, click on it once, and then when it shows up in a separate window on the right, click again to start working:

Imikimi picture frame example
  • The editor will start and in the center of it you will see an icon for uploading your photos. Click and choose the picture you want:
Choose your picture in Imikimi
  • When it is uploaded, move it around, and resize it to make sure it fits perfectly into the Imikimi frame;
  • By clicking on the button “Text” in the upper left corner you can add a random text, and the keys “Undo” (back) and “Redo” (forward) will allow you to undo or redo what you have done. “Flip” is a function of mirroring horizontally;
  • To save the project, click on the floppy disk icon “Save”, then you can share the picture on social networks or download it to your computer (Download):
Sharing and downloading the Imikimi project

Watch the following video on how to work online Imikimi and without registration:

Also, it is possible to install an extension for browsers Internet Explorer and Opera, which will make working with Imikimi gifs a little easier. And for fans of mobile devices you can download Imikimi com photoshop for free – official iOS and Android applications are available.

I recommend using popular analogues -. PicsArt, VSCO

And here’s a review of the updated version:

How to edit photos in Imikimi in Russian?

The developers do not really care about russification of their project. But many home users would like to see their native language in this “Photoshop” instead of the English not so familiar to everyone. Let me say right away that there is no point in wasting time looking for the Russian version – it does not exist. But there is a very interesting solution to the problem that might help. Suitable only for Google Chrome browser:

  • Run Google Chrome;
  • Open the main menu by clicking the “three dots” icon in the upper right corner of the browser;
  • Go to the “Settings” item:
Chrome main menu
  • Scroll the list of options to the bottom until you see the inscription – “Advanced”. Next, find the section “Languages”, click on the arrow opposite the Russian language to open the advanced options. Turn on the function “Suggest translation…”:
Translation settings in Google Chrome

For Firefox browser you can also add a plugin “S3 Google Translator” or its analogues. And in Opera install the add-on “Translator”, which will make Imikimi in Russian.

If you want to make your pictures unique, unforgettable and more romantic, it is worth resorting to Imikimi com free photoshop. I liked the service, but I would like to know your opinion.

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