Inconspicuous aphrodisiacs that will set your woman on fire

You and your partner have completely different sexual temperaments? Well, it happens sometimes. If you’re the stud in your relationship and your woman has slightly less needs, try serving her one of the universal aphrodisiacs!

Aphrodisiacs have been among us almost forever. However, we didn’t always know about their extremely useful effects. Named after the Greek goddess of love – Aphrodite – the substances act as stimulants and cause increased sex drive.

In the past, the secret recipes for love potions were known to witches and alchemists, who secretly prepared concoctions for desperate lovers. Fortunately, in the 21st century, we don’t have to pour a decoction of lizard meat mixed with powdered rhino horn into ourselves. There are much simpler ways to ignite desire with a few commonly available products.

Of course, the reaction to aphrodisiacs is an individual thing, but if you’re lucky, you’ll come across a dish that will reignite the passion between you.

Best of all, though, you should have all the items on our list in your kitchen. And even if you don’t, you can get them at any local grocery store.

The 10 most inconspicuous aphrodisiacs

Who doesn’t love this sweet treat? So far, it hasn’t been scientifically proven to be a 100 percent aphrodisiac, but a woman’s brain reacts similarly to the moment of strong sexual desire after consuming chocolate.

A sweet symbol of fertility and procreation. It is a source of vitality and energy. Old beekeepers admit that drinking a drink made of acacia honey with water and a bit of mint is a guaranteed way to have an orgasm.


The phallic shape alone can arouse the imagination of some women. In addition, bananas are a rich source of potassium, vitamin B and give strength for amorous games. And its combination with chocolate is a real hit!

You’re making a mistake if you underestimate the potent power of almonds as an aphrodisiac. They are synonymous with fertility and have high nutritional value. They can make women go crazy with desire. We especially recommend “eggs in the moonlight” – whipped cream with ground almonds.

We recently wrote that nothing unlocks women sexually like a little alcohol. It adds confidence and can increase libido. Provided, of course, that you use it in moderation. On the list of top alcoholic aphrodisiacs are herbal liqueur Chartreuse, apricot brandy Chateau Yquem and reliable red wine, martini and champagne.

Probably everyone knows that caffeine contained in coffee stimulates the heart and speeds up blood circulation. With the addition of honey and cardamom is the perfect prelude to love games. And coffee with whipped cream and chocolate is a real orgy!

A somewhat controversial item on this list, but for a long time garlic is considered a very valuable component of food. It is very healthy. It warms the body, improves blood circulation, kills bacteria and whets the appetite. Also for sex, provided that lovers consume it at the same time.
What is important – giving your beloved a dish with garlic for nothing in the world will not guess that you are stuffing her with a natural aphrodisiac!

A plant dedicated to Venus because of its fragrant leaves. It has long been used in love magic due to its fantastic libido-boosting powers. It pairs well with eggs, so scrambled eggs with basil for breakfast can, with a little luck, end up being quite an enjoyable second breakfast.

Like the banana, its shape can evoke pleasant associations. In ancient Greece, carrots were given to lovers to put them in a loving mood. Moreover, its richness in vitamins and beta carotene supports the production of hormones. As a natural medicine it improves mood, adds vitality and increases immunity. When giving your sweetheart carrots, just keep your fingers crossed that after eating them, she will turn into a Playboy bunny, not Bugs Bunny.

A heart-shaped fruit, it’s no wonder it’s associated with love. When combined with champagne or whipped cream, it’s perfect for foreplay. In France, a soup was made from strawberries to stimulate lovers’ libido. A high content of iron causes that these fruits have a beneficial effect on our blood, and a high level of zinc prepares the body for lovemaking.

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