Inkbook Calypso: The Polish e-book reader countersattacks! [Test]

Brighter, faster and simply better – that’s how you can briefly describe the InkBook Calypso, the newest member of the ever-expanding family of e-readers from Polish manufacturer inkBOOK Europe. The device fell into our hands, and we took it for a read and of course tests!

The first contact with the Calypso is when you take it out of its book-like packaging. Its “cover” brings to mind holiday climates, and the hidden device inside only confirms these associations. The reader is small, light and elegant, which in itself suggests that you should think of it as a travel companion. Especially if we decide on a model in a color other than black.

Yes, we’re aware that travel opportunities were scarce in 2020, but that doesn’t mean the Calypso couldn’t handle itself even when we were confined within four walls. What did we like most about it?

Without further ado, for the price of 500 zloty, which is the price you have to pay for InkBook Calypso, you get a six-inch reader, which was even designed for applications that allow you to read e-books within a subscription. Legimi, Empik Go, Publio – the gadget of the Wroclaw company is a natural complement. Of course, the device supports a wide range of formats, so even reading magazines in PDF is not so much possible on it, but quite pleasant. The 16 gigabytes of built-in memory is impossible to fill, but if by some miracle you weren’t enough, the Calypso is equipped with a microSD memory card slot.

I’m convinced, however, that two other functionalities, which, fortunately, are not lacking, will be much more useful. We’re talking about the backlighting of the e-ink screen and physical buttons for flipping pages. This time the manufacturer allows the user to choose not only the intensity, but also the color of the backlight. Do you read during the day? “Cool” blue will be just right. Reading in the middle of the night? With a few touches of your finger you can change it to a warm and much more pleasant to the eye yellow.

You really can’t complain about the screen itself. Displayed words – and sometimes also images – are sharp and even long staring at this matrix does not tire the eyes. Complaints? None! Another pleasant surprise were the physical buttons, which are much more responsive than those on the Prime HD model. What’s more, we can determine themselves what functions they should perform.

The interface of the device based on the older version of the Android operating system is easy to use and allows for personalization. In other words: it is up to us what will be on the home screen, but the manufacturer made sure that the biggest “icon” is the last e-book we read.

Since Android, there are additional applications. On the disk of the device you will find Google translator and a web browser. About the latter we will write only that it “is”, because you really will not want to use it. On the plus side, however, I count the fact that in the application store “on good day” we have shortcuts to the already mentioned subscription services.

What can we actually complain about? InkBook, while still in the menu, could work faster. While reading, everything is in the best possible order and the device reacts as it should to our requests. However, starting up the device “from scratch” takes about 30 seconds. Starting Legimi sometimes took the same amount of time. It’s a pity that the reader doesn’t have a little more RAM on board, like in the “higher” model Calypso Plus. The components of the even younger brother allow you to listen to audiobooks, not to mention scrolling through the menu.

Calypso with a clear conscience I can recommend to those who are just “switching” to digital books. If you want to have your entire library with you, even in the furthest corner of the world, you can successfully entrust it to this model, and this “made in Poland” is a really good option for the money.

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