Intelligent and economical washing machine Hoover AWMPD 49LH7

State-of-the-art household appliances have been created for the highest comfort of use. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence they guarantee convenience and high efficiency. Hoover AWMPD 49LH7 washing machine is the most modern and advanced appliance equipped with artificial intelligence, which prompts, predicts, cares and also automatically dispenses detergents. Additionally, you can control the washing machine and check its condition using the Hoover Wizard App.

An often troublesome part of the laundry process is choosing the right amount of detergent. Too much laundry detergent can lead to the powder staying on the clothes, which can consequently cause allergies. The Hoover AWMPD 49LH7 washing machine is equipped with the intelligent Care Dose system, which independently adjusts the amount of detergent according to the degree of soiling and the size of the wash. In addition, this solution allows for one-time replenishment of the tank for washing and rinsing liquid sufficient for up to 21 cycles.

The washing machine was also enriched with the Total Care function. It allows you to wash all your clothes in one cycle, regardless of color and type of fabric. This ensures that all your clothes are fresh and clean with the best results. For added convenience, the Hoover brand has added four short wash programs: 14, 30, 44 and 59 minutes, so you can refresh your clothes in no time, even in an emergency. With the All in One program, you can wash mixed and coloured fabrics in just 59 minutes at 40°C with a full load of 9kg and still get the best wash results. And by choosing the steam function, you can reduce creases, minimize ironing time, and get rid of allergens and dust mites.

Unsure and wondering which washing program to choose for your clothes? Just use the laundry guide, which will tell you how long the cycle should be, what temperature to adjust, and what spin speed is safest for your clothes. This way, you can be sure that all your fabrics will be perfectly clean with the greatest care for the fibres.

The Hoover AWMPD 49LH7 washing machine features WiFi connectivity, so you can turn it off remotely from anywhere using your phone or tablet. Simply install the Hoover Wizard App. An innovative and very useful technology available in the washing machine is geolocation, which checks the weather and suggests the best time to do the laundry, so that the clothes can dry before the onset of rain. The Active Service feature connects the machine directly to the Hoover brand’s service team and will make it easier and more efficient to diagnose and help resolve the problem you are experiencing.

In addition to the range of innovative solutions that the Hoover AWMPD 49LH7 washing machine offers, it is also distinguished by its elegant design. The distinctive, higher positioned, larger and glass door gives the washing machine a beautiful, modern look and makes loading and unloading clothes from the drum much easier. The innovative and intelligent Smooth Touch Display fits perfectly with the modern aesthetics of the product and allows you to easily identify and configure the best washing options. A great advantage of the washing machine is also quiet operation, even during spinning, so you can turn it on at any time of the day. This is thanks to the inverter motor, which reduces the vibration of the machine and ensures reliable operation for many cycles. Hoover AWMPD 49LH7 has the highest energy class A+++ (-40%), so it uses a small amount of electricity when fully loaded. The washing machine has a large capacity – 9 kg sufficient for a large family.

Hoover AWMPD 49LH7 washing machine is available for sale at 2399 zł.

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