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Rumor has it that this year’s CeBIT trade fair does not surprise with anything extraordinary – we decided to see it with our own eyes. Can Hannover still surprise with something?

The weather isn’t great, and the crowds visiting Hannover seem smaller than they used to be. Exhibitors also complain that the current CeBIT is “not what it used to be”. The only thing left to do was to check it for yourself.

Since Monday we have been writing about CeBIT, now it is time to check the “other side” and see if Hannover can still surprise with some innovations. This year’s CeBIT firstly wants to show that thanks to technology all cultures and worlds are in fact constantly connected. There are no longer really any borders, because digital information can reach everywhere.

The ever-present topic is of course “Green IT”, i.e. greater corporate commitment to IT products that are created using environmentally friendly materials and consume significantly less energy. On the other hand, laptops themselves are consuming less and less energy anyway, and can already work for more than 10 hours on a single battery charge. At Hannover, such innovations were standard.

Another clear technological standard has become the USB 3.0 interface, which can transfer data at speeds several times higher than its predecessor USB 2.0. This is an important change for the average user, who increasingly often has to lose “heavy” files. However, the USB 2.0 interface will actually be replaced by wireless Bluetooth 3.0.

CeBIT 2010 is also a surprisingly strong promotion not only of various countries, but most of all the global IT industry. Apart from the official partner – Spain – the Chinese, Egyptians, Koreans or Romanians have their official governmental stands here. They all want to prove to the world that their economy is positively oriented to the IT industry. Of course, there were also Polish companies – as every year. Will we achieve any success in Hannover?

Next week you can expect an extensive report and interesting information which we managed to reach.


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history of cebit trade show

CeBIT is more than 40 years of tradition and a fascinating story of how computers became a part of our lives. It is worth to know this CeBIT history – you can find it at this link.

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