Internet Sharing from Your Phone Isn’t Working – What To Do

интернет с телефона
internet from your phone

Modern gadgets offer users a lot of interesting settings and features. These include traffic distribution, so that one phone becomes a Wi-Fi source for one or more gadgets. But phone owners complain: the Internet does not work when handing out the phone, there are difficulties, you have to use the computer.

Causes of the problems

In this article we will tell you about the limitations of the distribution from the operator, the reasons why the Internet distribution from the phone does not work, whether there are ways to cope with the problem and return the device to the state of the router. We wish you a pleasant reading!


Limiting the handout from the operator

Restrictions of giving from the operator

The volume of traffic grows every year, and users connect tariffs with unlimited Internet. But operators are limiting distribution, and this is related to the desire to activate user services. Users purchase services and access the Internet from their own devices, using the operators as intermediaries. But some experts suggest quite effective ways to bypass such restrictions. So users give Internet access to their own devices and share the traffic with others who want it.

But the question immediately arises as to why the operators know about the Internet distribution. It’s simple: they use the TTL (Time To Live). The user’s smartphones have a unique TTL indicator, and when a person gives out the Internet, the traffic packet through the router is reduced by one. The operator sees these processes and puts special restrictions.

Do you want to solve the problem yourself and quickly? Then just change the TTL value manually. Check if you are the sole owner of the Root rights, and if even this aspect is unknown to you and not yet understood, let’s try to change the TTL settings on the computer:

  • Go to the registry editor. Pressing Win+R will take you to a window where you need to enter the regedit value. 
  • Go to the system file, select the parameters and click on the folder. Again, look at its parameters, create a new DWORD, it is better to put the name DefaultTTL.
  • Change the created parameter by clicking on it with the right mouse button. Make sure that the correct value is 65. 
  • Reboot your computer. 

The method is effective with the popular operators Beeline and TELE2, Megafon and MTS. It is worth to try and with other modern operators, because the settings are standard and simple. This way is not illegal, it’s just a workaround and will help you not to face any more restrictions from the operators. By solving the problem in this way, you will no longer wonder why your Internet connection has stopped working.

No connection to the Internet

No connection to the Internet

The second reason is that the device displays information that there is no Internet connection at all. Personal computers (not laptops) work mainly with a wired connection. Therefore, you should distribute the Internet from the phone, first connecting the device to the computer with a USB-cable. Also do not forget to check availability of USB-modem mode.

Separate advice for owners of the operating system Windows 10. Check whether you have disabled “On Airplane” mode, because in case of activation of this mode it will be impossible to connect to the Internet, just as it will be impossible and synchronization with the phone.

Other reasons

Other Reasons

In addition to the two reasons listed above, there are other reasons:

  • FireWall blocking of this function.
  • Viruses and third-party programs affect the wireless network settings, it becomes impossible.
  • The operating system does not work correctly, malfunctions. 

FireWall is able to block the Internet distribution function, and the devices do not synchronize. This is usually due to the work of antivirus, and if you need to connect to the Internet distribution, then stop the antivirus or uninstall it. The second problem and the second cause is solved in two ways.

Are you sure it’s all about the virus? Activate the antivirus and find the malicious file, then delete it. Finding the application can be difficult, because you will have to check each one, uninstalling and diagnosing the functionality of the device and checking the distribution. Didn’t find “that app”? Then we recommend you to do a full reset right away, because a factory reset allows you to completely eliminate the problem and return your device to quality and fast operation.

By the way, sometimes the distribution still works, but the Internet access is not restored. Go to the settings and make sure the mobile Internet is working. Check the box next to mobile data. On older versions of Android, the item is called “Packet data,” not to be confused with other settings options. Read what to do if The speed of the Internet on your cell phone has dropped.

The operating system is not working correctly on the device, and this fact is the reason for the lack of Internet distribution. Carry out a complete reset, having previously copied the data on removable media. Thus you will return the system functionality, respectively, the distribution will be restored.

In the video the author clearly shows the reasons for the lack of Internet access and how to overcome them.

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