Invasion of routers – RT-N13, RT-G32 and RT-N11

Router – on the one hand a mysterious and unexplored device, on the other – the basis without which we have no access to the Internet. Let’s check three Asus routers in practice.

Taiwanese Asus has several routers in its offer – we decided to take a closer look at three models of routers RT-N13, RT-G32 and RT-N11. And then choosing the most interesting one – in our opinion. First, however, a handful of information about each of them.

RT-N11 router

Mid-range router. It uses EZSetup option for easy configuration, additionally the whole thing works with Windows Vista. This router supports SSID, VLAN, WDS and WMM environments. You can also manage it remotely thanks to SNMP protocols.

On RT-N11, you can set up as many as four networks – for example, the host can have the main network (with a bandwidth of 50%), and the rest of the Internet users will have the rest of the bandwidth, broken down into three networks (called VIP Zone). What’s more – not every network has to be encrypted, which further increases our room for maneuver.

RT-N13 Router

The ASUS RT-N13 SuperSpeed N Wireless Router is an 802.11n draft 2.0 certified device, while being fully compatible with other 802.11b/g/n devices.

RT-N13 supports the latest 802.11n draft 2.0 wireless standard. With Bandwidth-on-Demand, you can allocate bandwidth according to individual application requirements, such as FTP, P2P, gaming, and voice chat over the Internet, with one click of a button to increase or decrease bandwidth. This enables several applications to seamlessly use the available bandwidth simultaneously.

RT-G32 Router

What is WPS? WPS is a wireless security and connectivity solution that makes it easy to set up a wireless connection. This feature was developed under the auspices of the Wi-Fi Alliance, an international association that standardizes wireless devices.

How do they work in practice?

In general, all the routers perform well, although we liked RT-N11 the best. The reason? It is a good combination of quality, technology and price (about 190 PLN). It looks pretty good, is easy to use, and additionally the VIP Zone option is really decent in practice, allowing you to set up more than one network and manage it easily. Just right for a few roommates. And a neighbor, due to the good coverage.

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